Swallow Tail's #PopupSodaShoppe

Swallow Tail Culinary Circus set up a Pop-up Soda Shoppe at the Ridge Theatre last Thursday, August 30th. The 1950s themed restaurant was open for one night only, serving up deliciously sweet desserts and drinks to attendees.

There were two sessions one that started at 7pm and one at 9pm. My friend W and I attended the 9pm one.

The cash bar was to our left as we entered the theatre. The place was already crowded especially around here. Being in costume was not mandatory so many did not bother to dress up, but there were a few who got into the 1950s theme. I spy a poodle skirt!

Shawn Soole was behind the bar mixing up boozie sodas and ice cream drinks. He was nominated this year as the world's best bartender by Tales Of The Cocktail!

 Boozie drinks were $10 -12 while virgin drinks were $6. Pricey.

Across from the bar was a jukebox! I thought this was underutilized. A dance area to get the party bopping would have been nice!

 Heading down the corridor, we encountered Earnest Ice Cream's stall where they were selling $5 ice cream sundaes. Mmm.

Next to the ice cream, Swallow Tail was free shots of sayuri-nigori sake paired with salted watermelon slices.
 Salted watermelon with sesame seeds and mint

I heard from my friend who attended the 7pm session that this was not free (see the $2 crossed out) but there were a lot of unhappy attendees since everything had to be paid for.

Funky old film projector

Cartems Donuterie was set up at the end of the hall where they were selling three mini versions of their donuts for $1.50 each.

Maltese Falcon, Maker's Bourbon Bacon, and  Earl Grey were the types you can chose. We decided to come back after see the rest of the setup. BIG MISTAKE! The Earl Grey was sold out by the time we came back! =(

Maker's Bourbon Bacon
Maker's Bourbon Bacon. OMG. I loved it. It was like heaven in my mouth. The bacon was so delicious and the donut was soft and glazed with sweet bourdon. Great mix of flavours. Delicious!

Maltese Falcon
The Maltese Falcon was also good but it couldn't top the Bourbon Bacon.

 Turning to the right, we entered the theatre where Grease was playing on the big screen.

The rest of the desserts were set up at the front of the theatre.

Gourmands Macarons were very popular and sold out before the night was over.

Gourmands Macarons

Che Baba Catina's dessert was only $1. They served a fresh Raspberry and chocolate torte on a hazelnut cookie.. The cookie tasted pretty good.  

Beta 5 Chocolates was the last booth and were selling a variety of chocolates and desserts.

Banana Cream Pie
Cream Puffs

Beta 5 was also the only other booth offering free treats. We were able to sample their caramels and chocolates. We also had the option to purchase them to take home.

There were some games also set up - a guessing game, pin the tail on the donkey, record bowling and a hula hoop competition but they all required money to play.

As we left we were given a goodie box and a Boylan soda. We had the choice between birch beer or orange soda. We both chose birch beer.

Inside the box was a coupon for an ice cream maker, a voucher for a free drink at Rogue, a voucher for 50g of tea at Steam Tea House and a $10 gift certificate to Books to Cooks. The coupons were nice but no candies? A few sweets would have been nicer since this event was about sweets. 

The event was a great idea but was a little disappointing. With the entrance fee at $15, many were expecting at least something to be included in the ticket price or at least discount to the prices of the desserts. All the sweets and desserts were regular price and I'm not sure if they were at all unique...The vendors sell them in their stores so that was a let down as it was advertised as "all the food vendors will be selling special creations you can’t get anywhere else". Really only the drinks were unique. =/

It also didn't feel like a party in the 1950s. Perhaps it was because we weren't required to dress up and people just stood around, or sat in the theatre seats. As I suggested before, a little dance party with 50's music would liven the event right up!

Still, as the first ever 1950s Pop-up Soda Shoppe, it was a good attempt and an fun experience. Here I'll make some of my photos more 50s like. =D

Feels better already! Or were there just black and white photos then? ...

For me the best part of the night was the Bourbon Bacon doughnut. Mmmm.

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Matt Guterres said...

Sorry about the free sake & watermelon mix up. It actually was a free dessert but we had a miscommunication on our end and accidentally posted $2 for the dessert tasters.

The problem was discovered very soon after the 7pm seating started though and changed immediately.

Thanks for the suggestions, a dance party is a great idea!

Matt Guterres
Swallow Tail

Jenny said...

Thanks for the clarification! And thanks for putting on the event. I'm looking forward to your future events! =)