Ah! It's so sad we lost the hockey game last night! And Cloutier got bowled over and hurt! >:( Poor Clouts!
I hate group projects so much! >>>>:(
I dreamt that my mom enrolled Karen in Military School. The Marines. She walked up the stairs in her spiffy uniform and I felt so jealeous. I wanted to join too. I wanted an uniform! I asked her why the Marines? If I were her I'd join the Air Force!

Which is true. I always wanted to be a pilot but I have glasses so I don't think they let people with glasses be fighter pilots. Sigh.

There was another dream following that but I forgot what it was! Darn it! It was interesting, too!
Happy Birthday Ma!
Coloured with sparkley pens.
I feel like a bumbling buffoon in the lab. And I probably am.