I was lucky to win a pair of tickets to see the Hanson concert at the Commodore last Saturday. Invited some of my friends too. One already had tickets because she's a die-hard fan! I have to confess. I have never listened to a single Handson song in my life or not that I could remember so I REALLY did not know what to expect. The floor was already packed with fan girls by the time we got in. We were near the back of the crowd at first but it grew more crowded as time went on. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. >=(
The Hansons had two opening acts. The first was Andrew Allen. He is another artist that I never knew I liked! I always like him on the radio! He sang his hit, Loving You Tonight, and a few other ones that I didn't recognize.
The second act was A Rocket to the Moon, a group I've never heard of. The lead singer of the group looks exactly like a younger version of Justin Timberlake! Their songs were ok but my friend says they sucked. They played a long time too. By this time it was 10:30pm (music started at 9) and the fangirls were getting REALLY IMPATIENT! Especially my friend who was booing at them! And other people were chanting Hanson! Hanson!
The Hansons finally came on stage at 11pm. >=( The girls didn't care they had their idols. They are not little boys anymore! Lots of energy in their songs.
The crowd was going crazy! The screaming and jumping!Many caused the crowd to jump up and down in unison which had me alarmed because I could feel the floor depressing and I was afraid of it collapsing. (Hey! it happened before! http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/04/25/bc-abbotsford-chur... They were also jumping up and down too!) My only favourite was Mmmbop. The others...well let's just say I won't be getting their CD anytime soon. I had an awesome time though!

We took a lot of Taylor pics because he is the most good-looking of the brothers. lol There was also a lot of hair flippage. lol

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I went to the Train concert yesterday at the Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver. I was fortunate enough to win tickets and I really had no idea what to expect because I didn't know who they were except that they sang "Hey, Soul Sister" - a song which I like. They did not disappoint. The concert was awesome. Pat Monahan was awesome. Turns out I am familiar with a lot of their songs! And most of them I already like! I'm so getting the CDs!

We ended up standing near the center front since all the seats were taken already. The opening act was Ryan Star. He wasn't bad but he was no Train! Pat Monahan has an amazing voice. He also dances around a lot and had four t-shirt changes! He threw away two of them into the audience and SIGNED the Canada one too! The girl who got it was so lucky! He said she was wearing a San Fransisco shirt and she should be wearing a Canada one so he gave it to her! The girl behind us got his white t-shirt. He also went crowd surfing and went around the audience when during the "Marry Me" number. And he also threw away his guitar picks. I was lucky enough to get one! At the end of the show, the drummer threw away his sticks too! Hey, Soul Sister was the second last song and the whole audience participated in singing it. I'll admit I joined in too. It was an amazing concert experience.

Yesterday was the new Apple iPods and today is the Samsung Galaxy Tab! These new things are making me salivate with desire.

The iPod touch looks pretty sweet with it's new camera. But the iPhone has a better camera and now supports HDR!!! Whoa! Makes me want to consider an iPhone...However the Samsung Galaxy S looks very tempting too.

The Galaxy Tab looks like it's better than the iPad! It's smaller, but it has a CAMERA! Awesome! That is what the iPad is missing. Can't wait to see one in Canada. Wonder how much it's going to cost though. I hope it's not as much as the iPad! Outrageous prices!