I've just spent my week's earnings on coffee. I have been participating in paid studies as a test subject recently to earn money. I earned $10 this week and spent most of it on 2 cups of Starbucks coffee. T_T I wanted to try the new holiday drink selections. I tried the Expresso Truffle today. I must try to refrain from spending on unnecessary things. Was it worth $4.04 and a burnt tongue?...probably not.
School actually started yesterday but I only had one class and first day usually is not that bad. I don't want to go to school anymore! I miss work. I just have to hang on for one more year...

The buses are so busy this year! Every time I get on I barely get on. This morning the 43 AND the 41 bus was completely full! I had to get on the next 41. I feel so sorry for the people at Kerrisdale because there was a huge crowd of people there but the bus was still full; nobody could get on. The buses get more full each year! I think it is because new people are going to UBC but the existing students don't graduate! (i.e. me lol) So it is good to plan out your degree and get out of there fast so that you don't have to use the bus anymore. I can't believe everyone is encouraging taking the bus (and I'm all for it; I take the bus to work) when there are not enough buses to take! You probably have to leave your home 1-3 hours ahead just to get to school on time depending on where you live. That's ridiculous! It's worse than the airport!

Another complaint I have is with UBC. They changed their PRS system again! What the heck?! They just changed it about 2 years ago! And now the bookstore has reached its quota on PRS buybacks. They said to come back January. >=( I know what school I'm not going to donate to.
Just came back from the Full Moon Evening Explorer kayaking tour at Deep Cove. It was pretty cool. The moon was breathtakingly beautiful. I had to resist the natural urge to howl or people would think I'm crazy. lol I know I'm crazy but I don't want strangers to know. =P The moon was pretty full but I'm not sure it was completely full.

It costs $55 for a single kayak and $40 for a double kayak (per person) from 8pm to 11pm. I doubled with Winnie. lol We forgot how to steer at the beginning heheh. But we bounced back quickly. Power strokes! I was so tired at the end I couldn't lift up my paddle over my head.

Besides the moon we saw bioluminescence in the water. It was so pretty like fairy dust. Beautiful.
Today while I was waiting for the bus, a group of old ladies came to the front and stood a little off to the side. Then slowly, and slowly, they nonchalantly budged in front of me.

I find it very amusing, albeit a little annoying, that they would think I won't notice them cut in front of me. They pretended they where in front of me all along! Hahaha.

They were old ladies - I forgive them.
Woot! I received my free 8GB Zune in the mail recently. This was part of Matchstick's word of mouth promotion and I was lucky enough to qualify! I was already considering getting it as it has FM radio which is a great plus!

The Zune is pretty sweet! It is so pretty. Even the box is nice. Haha. I can also transfer songs and pictures wirelessly between Zune users! Cool eh? I added all my pictures from my gallery onto it so I can show people.

I think I can download some games to play on it too. I'll have to experiment some more.

Now something for you guys:

As part of the promo, you all have a chance to win up to $500 in Amazon.com gift certificates!

Here's how:
Log on to ChatThreads.com and enter 102 986 0387 for the Conversation ID and you'll be entered to win a $500 Amazon.ca gift card! You can also tell your friends about it and give them the conversation ID if you talk about the Zune.

I so love it. So what do you guys think of the Zune?
Made my first profit selling stocks today. I made $651.66 since August 2007! Not really a lot when I think about it...

Hahaha I sold YLO.UN for profit of $20. Heheh. I was going to keep it because their dividend yield is 13%! But I was afraid it might still go down. And I also sold all my BMO stock only to find out it went up a little bit higher later in the day. =( Still I made a nice little profit so I can't complain. I just don't know if it going to go higher (4th consecutive day) or go down. It kind of plateaued midday but closed at 45.96.

The monthly income fund is killing me. I'm losing $384.24 as of today. I don't like mutual funds. The BMO monthly income fund was the first I bought when I got into investing. I was up 100+ before the market plummeted. =(

If only I don't have to pay commission fees. Just to buy and sell a stock costs $50 for me! Zecco is a company that offers 10 free trades per month, but I've read bad reviews about Zecco. But maybe I should give it a try?
I entered a contest at Dose.ca to win tickets to the screening of Hellboy 2 and won! There was some email trouble so they called me this morning to tell me that the screening was tonight and I have to pick up the tickets downtown! I had to leave work for an hour to bus down there to pick it up.

Overall, I liked the movie. It had its moments; it was funny and made me laugh at times. The thing I didn't like was that Hellboy looked a little fake in this sequel. Maybe they changed his eyes or his makeup or something. It just didn't sit well with me. I didn't like the kid in the beginning either - so fake. I don't think I can say anymore without spoiling it. And Liz's fire! I liked her blue fire in the first movie better. Now it is regular fire. That's so boring! =(

I do hope that they make another one. I like Hellboy. But from the looks of it I'm going to say it is highly likely.

I just found out that Skye the golden eagle at the Greater Vancouver Zoo has died today! Apparently she flew into the lion enclosure and three lionesses hunted her down.

This is so saddening. Golden eagles are my favourite birds. It is hard to believe she is gone. I was just there a month ago. Rest in peace, Skye. Rest in peace.
I bought my first stock today. Or rather I submitted an offer and I'll have to wait until the markets open to find out if they will buy it at that price for me. I'm buying 100 shares of BMO at 42.55 (hopefully). I only have enough money to buy 1 stock. LOL Well, we all have to start somewhere, I guess.
Ha! I got a 40 gallon aquarium today! My friend and my dad helped me bring it home. It is used so my dad is going to fix it up a bit before I can use it. It comes with a wooden stand. It is black so I think my dad is going to help me repaint it.

I'm planning to keep a pair of german rams, some neon tetras and ottos in there. It's going to be a planted tank too. I'm going to have to move my 10 gallon downstairs...If I can clean up down there.

I recently found out about a local fishkeeping site bcaquaria.com! There are so many people interested in fishkeeping! I didn't realize it was so popular! There's a store called Pets Beautiful near Dunbar Loop that sells fish and fish products and the owner is apparently very nice. I'll have to visit someday!
Hahah one of our neighbours have wireless internet set up but didn't encrypt it. There is a weak signal that my sis' connected her laptop to.

This is why it is important to properly set up your wireless connection! Some one can leech off bandwidth from you!