Humph! REALLY has gone too far.

What are fences and gates for? To keep people out! This morning my mom found the neighbour trying to CLIMB over our fence to get into the backyard! WTF! He jumped down when my mom opened the door. Turned out he wanted to borrow the hose or something. And that's not the first time, Karen saw him in our backyard some days ago.

People who climb over fences and "borrow" things without other's permission are called THEIVES! Those neighbours think they can do just anything! The NERVE! This isn't freakin China anymore! This is Canada and we don't tolerate this kind of behaviour. People like those give a bad name to Chinese people. And right now I'm ashamed to be associated with them.

I really want to report them.
My neighbour's gone too far this time! First they move in with their noisy screaming kids, then they steal my mom's prized plant (we don't exactly have any evidence that they did it but they are gardeners, I mean who else would steal a plant?!), then they rent out their house to SO MANY people they had to add a washing machine OUTSIDE and all the soapy water goes into OUR garden. After we confronted them they made it go down the storm drain! Talk about environmentally unfriendly! NOW they are digging up their basement to build another room (which is illegal btw). There is a MOUNTAIN of dirt in their backyard now. They are law breakers and I don't like them. I hope they get caught. >:(
I was on the bus today and it was very crowded and everyone took off their backpacks to make room for other people except this girl! She pretended to act oblivious to what was going on around her. For crying out loud is it so hard to take your pack off when the bus is obviously crowded and there are still people wanting to get on?! Hah but she got what was coming to her. She didn't get a seat. Instant karma, people. Instant karma.
WOOOO! Canucks won against the Red Wings breaking their road winning streak! Wooo! Bertuzzi was on fire tonight! Aww man, I wish I could have been there. It was such a good game!
Hmm making a GUI for a mp3 player is harder than I thought! But I must admit I'm very excited about this assignment.
Remember to wear a poppy on Remembrance day...
My voice is sore. I was volunteering at GM place today. Canucks LOST! *sob* They aren't suppose to lose at home! We actually got seats this time. But they were the worst seats in the house. You can't go any further up! Heheh. But the game was exciting anyways dispite the outcome.

After I went with Winnie and Amy for bubbletea on Victoria. We played card games and talked. Heheh. I had no money so I had to borrow Winnie's but then we didn't have enough to tip the guy! We only gave him less than half the tip! So we ran out of the place hehehe. Yeah I had a lot of fun. I haven't spent time with them for so long.
Another lab done...I hope I finished everything that I needed to do...O_o I should have double checked!

Anyways, I'm so excited about tomorrow! I'm volunteering at GM place selling 50/50 tickets! Yay GO CANUCKS!
I feel so listless today I don't know why. I don't feel like reading my lab manual even though I have the micb lab tomorrow. I hate it. I hate it. I hate life, I hate school, I hate myself. I'm pathetic. And I'm pathetic saying I'm pathetic. Everyday I seem to be just waiting for the weekend and when that is over, it begins again. I'm always looking forward to the next day never enjoying today.

Today I managed to catch up on all my cpsc121 labs. Yay! I should read and prepare before the lab.

Also went to a business communication workshop on impromtu speaking. I thought it was pretty useful but the problem for me is coming up with examples from my life. I seem to have misplaced all my memories... If that group exercise was an interview, I'd would have FAILED them both. Sigh.