During the Olympics and Paralympics, there were a lot of uniformed people walking around and I liked to take photos of congregating uniforms! See if you can recognize any of them. There are a lot of red, white and blue uniforms. LOL
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Went to the Canucks game tonight. K won tickets to the game and four autographed hockey sticks! The seats were pretty close to the ice. The game was awesome. I think one of the Sedins scored, Burrows scored, Kesler, the silver medalist, scored, and Louongo, the gold medalist was sitting on the bench. The crowded chanted "Raycroft! Raycroft!" Final score: 4-1. Woo! Go Canucks!

Alex Burrows was at Best Buy today! The only the first 300 people had a chance to take a picture with him and get his autograph.
Now this is more like it! Then again Vancouver is a hockey capital. The line wound around the block. We made it just in time!
Burrows is so cute.
Best Buy released New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight series, just past midnight tonight. They had an ad that was delivered TODAY. Their marketing person didn't do a very good job. Nobody's going to look at the flyer on a Friday! Flyers are on the last thing on people's minds on Friday nights! Anyways the they were giving out hats or rings to the first 250 people in line. No more than 50 showed up. The Beat was there too playing loud music hoping to catch other people's attention. The lineup started at 9pm. This was the line up at about 10:30:
This was the ENTIRE line. It is very sad. The Best Buy staff were also playing games with people in the line and giving away $10 gift cards to the winners. There was trivia, dance competition, singing. It was fun. I won a gc for dancing my CRAZY dance! Hahahah!

It was a little weird standing in line with all the diehard fans of the book when I haven't even read one of them. And only having watched the first movie last week that I borrowed from the library, I answered a trivia question wrong.

There was a crazy Jacob lookalike there! He looks SO much like him especially from the side. I only got a bad pic of him but you be the judge. He won one of the three $200 giftcards for the dressup contest. Congrats to him! He really deserved it.
There was also a nice new moon out tonight. Pardon my pun. ;P
I took the day off to chase the torch again. It was a 24 hour relay and they started yesterday afternoon. I sent K down to UBC yesterday to see the torch there and then she went downtown where she caught Luongo lighting the community cauldron! This morning I hitched a ride with my parents downtown and when I got there I was just in time to catch the torch at the corner of Granville and Georgia. Perfect timing! Too bad it was raining. I took a lot of pictures though.

Even though it was pouring rain, the school kids were out supporting their teacher. She was the last torchbearer to light a community cauldron.

I met up with K after the torch left Robson Square. We then went around looking for pins and found that RBC were giving some away! Then we saw Sumi at Robson and Beatty and also at the Canada Pavilion at LiveCity. For the rest of the day we went around looking at the sights to pass the time before we had to head to BC Place to see the Paralympic opening ceremony!

We left LiveCity at about 4:30 and there was already a huge amount of people heading over to BC Place. Organizers told us to be there at about an hour earlier since there will be audience participation and they will be showing us how to use the props.

We had to wear ponchos! Awwww we got white. One Inspires Many was the theme of the evening. Paralympic opening ceremony!

It was totally worth it for $30. We even got to participate in a breaking a world record! The world`s largest flash mob! Sumi was there again flying! OoO

Rick Hansen was there and the tribute was given to Terry Fox the greatest Canadian of all time. His parents were given the honour of bearing the torch into BC Place.

Let the Games begin!