I rearranged my aquarium (again) today. I actually went out and bought some driftwood and slate so that I could start aquascaping. So here is the result. The left is still a little bare...I'm waiting for my plants to grow first so that I can take some cuttings and filling in those bare spots.

I also bought some proper lighting and test kits. I found that I was using only a 3000K bulb. So I went to Home Depot and bought a 6500K compact fluorescent. It is way brighter! Maybe that is why all my plants were looking miserable. lol. This is costing me quite a little fortune...And still I want a 55 gallon.

I also have about 23 baby guppies O_o hence the small plastic tanks I'm floating in the corners. They are growing so fast!

Hehehe it seems this has become my aquarium blog...
Yes, that's right I saw one of my guppy females (the big amazon one) plop out a baby guppy! I wish I had taken a video clip of it! This was last night. Today I have several more babies that I fished out. I'm going to run out of places to put them!
Ah I'm so sad! All my fish died! Well not ALL my fish, just the tetras and the oto. :( That's 3 glo-lites and 5 neons gone. I think it was a heater malfunction. The water was sooo hot. They got boiled to death.

This morning I found two of the glo-lites had died. I thought it was odd but didn't do anything about it. I thought I'll fish them out when I get back from work...When I got back they had all died! I'm so sad. They were so fun to watch. The sucker fish was still swimming around at that time but it was slowly dying.

Amazingly the shrimp is still alive. So are the six guppies...and the baby guppies! Yes, I found 5 more baby guppies in the tank. I fished them all out. Heehee. Some are not very strong looking. Maybe they haven't had any luck in finding food to eat...or effects of the boiling water.

Stupid heater. On one of the hottest days of the year too. >=(
Yes! One of my guppies has given birth! I didn't see it happen though...and there are only two. Maybe the rest were eaten. Too bad. It was not like I have anywhere to put them all anyways.
I've isolated the two and they are doing quite well I think. At least they are eating. I still have the powdered food left from the whole white cloud fry fiasco. Baby fish also makes me happy. XD
Happy Canada Day!

I spent today at home gardening. Look my freesia are in bloom! I stepped into the garden and it smelt so nice! I cut a whole bunch and put them in the kitchen.

Blooming flowers make me happy. The is a sense of joy when the flowers you planted thrive and bloom. I love gardening.

If only the weeds grow slower! I put one up and ten more come up! LOL The front yard has been neglected for a while now so there are so many weeds. And all the plants are in a disarray. I plan to dig up everything, plant new things and organize it a bit better. I want flowers to be in bloom all summer long and I like only the fragrant flowers. :)