I should update more often.

I went skating on Friday with Karen and Winnie and them. It was time to test out my new skates! I considered not going and I probably shouldn't have given that I probably did pooring on my biochem midterm today. But it was fun and I would have proably regretted not going.

When I first stepped on the ice it was so slippery! I didn't remember it being so slippery. I had to use some cones and move along the sideboards. But that gave me a chance to relearn how to stop. XDDD It was ok after when the ice was more "used" more friction I guess. Hahah I tried to do some spins but I'd always fall or lose my balance. I bruised my knee but that's ok. I like bruises.

Heehee it was funny because I ended up marrying Michelle (she proposed) and then divorcing her and then running off with the lawyer (Vicki). I wanted Michelle's mittens when she wouldn't give them to me I declared I was pregnant and turns out she's a GIRL! Oh the scandal! Hehehe it was just like a soap opera. And it probably has been done before. Ah but I wouldn't know. I don't watch soaps.
Oh I feel so blah today for some reason. Maybe it's the impending doom of going back to school tomorrow. Sigh. I won't be able to sleep in any more. My beauty sleep! I need it! ;-;

Sigh. I have a math midterm on wed and biochem on next monday but I'm so not ready for either. Then the second round of midterms is about to begin. When will it all end?!

And the microbi lab I have to read is so long.

I want to get some guppies that's what I want. Lots and lots of guppies.
I really like this photo of George. She's so photogenic! Posted by Picasa

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Yaay! Jeff Buttle won bronze! WOOO! And of course Plushenko won Gold. I love them both. XDD

Go here it is the most catchy tune ever and the animation is pretty cool too.
My dad's crazy. He planted a tree in front of our house. Right in the middle of nowhere. And it's a very tall stick thin tree too. Sort of like a lightning pole. It's so ugly and embarrassing! >:(

Anyhoo. I wasted another day today. I went to the aquarium in the morning with Karen. They are nothing there now! The lionfish are gone and the frogs are blocked off because of the renovations. But I took some pics while I was there. With the Flower of Delirium! It is another project I'm starting something like Monkey Monkey I guess. People think we're crazy now. Taking pictures with a flower.

We also went to the post office and we bought a lot of day of issue envelopes. They are so pretty but so expensive! Haha but Karen said consider it an investment.

Later on we ate lunch at the Cactus Club. I had some pasta and Karen had a Teriyaki chicken rice bowl. I'm so full. It was a 3:00 lunch! Oy. And we had Calamari too. Mmm it was so good.
Yay! We bought "free" ice skates from Canadian Tire today! I finally have my own skates again. I can't to try them out. Apparently mine are Piruoette! I didn't know. Now I'll have to learn how to do some turns on my toes. XDDD
Ok here's a better pic of Sibylla. I drew it on the bus. I seem to draw a lot of things on the bus.

I did a Valintine picture of salukis too. On the bus. Coloured it yesterday. I'm thinking to entering it into a contest at DA.

Eee so it's reading break! An entire week off...to study. Yep I've got so much to do. Math and biochemistry to study for. I've failed both compsci and matrix algebra midterms so I must do waaay better on the next ones. Bleh I hate math.

Sibylla is a pretty name. Pink why pink? Dunno.
I was being dramatic. I'm better now. XD
Ma gave me the "doctor" talk again. She wants me to be a doctor so badly. She always insists that she believes that I can do it. But I KNOW I won't make it. I barely got over the whole micb co-op thing. If I can't get into that I won't be able to get into med. I would be just setting myself up for a big let down.

My grades aren't high enough anymore either. I've sort of lost all motivation for school. It isn't just a sudden thing. I've noticed this since high school. I'd slack off but I still did moderately well so I let myself slide some more.

Maybe it's because I don't have any optimistic views of the future. I just want a job where I'm told what to do. I don't care if it's monotonous. I just don't care. Why am I taking microbiology? I can't see myself ever working in a lab. Especially not as a career. How about computer science? I'm kidding myself. Sure I like it. But I'm not good at math. And I'm definately not a very good programmer. Still I plunge forward. Dragging more likely and I'm digging my heels in too.

See this type of attitude is not what a real doctor should be. There are more deserving people than me and the interviewers would know it. I can't even communicate very effectively. I stutter when asked a question. I take forever to think of a decent answer to simple questions about MY OWN experience. My mind is all muddled and I don't know what to do about it.

I know I'm letting my mom and my grandpa down. It tears me up inside. Days like these I want to just lay down, rest and never get up again.
Ha I've been drawing like crazy for Isopets these past few days. Don't know why. Maybe they are close to opening?! I am so excited to see how the site is. There are such talented artists working for it and I'm happy to be a part of that! My items are crap though. I like doing shopkeepers, at least I can do them semi well.

Well I should start studying for the MICB323 midterm. At least read over the labs. After this midterm I won't have any more until after the reading break. Hopefully I will be able to contribute a lot more to Iso.

Woo! I hope they open soon!
OMGosh I failed my midterms AGAIN! Sob sob. Must study harder.

Anyhoo. Canucks won! In your face Calgary! Woo! I don't know why but I always love watching the Canucks beat the Flames. Moreso than other teams. Heheh.

I want it. Creative Zen Vision:M! Must have it...
The first real iPod killer?
Well, I don't want to study. But what's new?

Started playing GoPets again for some reason. Here's my little blue beagle-type pup, Calston :)