I AM: a potato
I WANT: a potato
I HAVE: hair
I WISH: to be done my hw
I HATE: hw
I FEAR: moths
I HEAR: voices
I SEARCH: for candy
I WONDER: when will life end
I REGRET: nothing
I LOVE: animals
I ACHE: with stupidity
I ALWAYS: sleep
I AM NOT: dead
I DANCE: on wednesdays
I SING: like a hyena
I CRY: with tears
I WRITE: nonsense
I WIN: by default
I LOSE: on purpose
I CONFUSE: everyone but especially myself
I NEED: what I lack
I SHOULD:do my homework
My parents came home on Saturday. It's Ooookay. We didn't burn the house down. I just burnt some rice in the microwave...thank goodness they can't smell it anymore. hehheh... Weee-ell, my mom bought home lots of junk food...and she managed to smuggle in some shweet tiny mandarin oranges...dispite the fact the dog at the airport was on to her. heheh. She managed to convince the security guard that it was the squid that the dog smelled...this proves something about airport security doesn't it? They are so into catching terrorists that they don't really care about smuggling of fruit anymore...hehehe...start the marijiana smuggling operation! hehhehe...I hope I don't get arrested for saying that. sorry. I'll shut up with the marijiana stuff now...Damn City of Glass by Doug Coupland that you must read...that is where it all started the marijianna grow-ops and stuff.
My mum also bought a mp3 player home! It's ok I guess but it has this particular buzzing noise in the background that is present even when I turn the volume off. Huh. funny. Piece of junk. Karen is supposedly using it now. I'm content with my CD player though Karen wants one too since she is the one with all the CDs 0_0'.

School sucks as always. For my bio 140 project I got to do Armadillidium vulgare aka pillbugs. yay. that was a sarcastic yay if you didn't already know. I get to do pillbugs again. They don't have many books on pillbugs. Damn it. I wanted the snail or cricket not some bug that I've done in grade 10! pf. Anyhoo, I can't do anything about it. Gotta stick to my project topic whether I like it or not.

Brrr it's freakin cold. The house it an icebox! I heard it's gonna snow some more tomorrow. Blast it!

Today was the first day back to school. I'm taking physics now instead of anthropology. I hope I have a good teacher like Iqbal. It's five courses on MWF. What a load! Just my English books cost $97 and that's excluding two. English is such a costly language. I started reading The Glass City and I have to say it's pretty interesting. It's all about the author's take on Vancouver and he writes in short blurbs so I don't get really bored. Heh. Maybe I'll read some more before I go to bed.

It was also my grandpa's birthday today. He's either 86 or 87; my relatives couldn't agree on that point. We went to his place to eat. Nothing much. But as I said it was FREAKIN COLD. My toes froze. I can't feel them anymore. I think I need to amputate them or something. Sunny's water froze too and he jumped up the sink to drink water cuz he couldn't drink any of his. Darn cold weather. It's either unbearably hot or icy cold. But then it's always cold in my house. No matter what the weather.

Hello hello! I'm not dead...yet...not that anyone cares...anyhoo...Happy New Year! Blah blah blah. School is starting on Monday. Aaaand I haven't bought my books yet. Sheesh, talk about procrastinating! My new year's resolutions?

1. Do my homework ahead of time; that includes keeping up to date in all my courses.
2. Visit grandpa more often.
3. Bathe Sunny more often. (very much needed, he stinks!)
4. Exercise very day to lead a healthy active lifesyle. (Always on my list)
5. Quit Neopets and any other online games (currently it's Runescape, wanna play with me?)
6. Volunteer at a hospital.
7. Get at job.
8. Read more.
9. Improve on my artwork.
10. Don't play so long on the computer. (Oops! Already broke that one)

Oh I forgot:11. Sleep earlier.

My parents went to Hong Kong and lately I've been sleeping at 3 a.m.! Crazy! I can barely keep awake during the day!