Yep. My new ant farm is officially a death trap... to ants.
I think I may have intoxicated my ants...
I had a weird dream this morning. I have to record it before I forget it like I always do.

So I'm at UBC starting the new school year. I was in class with Annie and somebody else I forgot who. And I think it was a compsci class too. So that class ended and Annie and that someone has Math 400 in the same room and Mr. Alderman was teaching! I asked that someone why she is taking it but she wouldn't answer me. So I checked my schedule and I had another class and I was going to be late! My next class was Math200 (it was so weird because I only had one class of math each week) and it was all the way at Buchanan (apparently I was very far away from it). So I jumped out of my seat and dashed toward Buchanan but I got LOST! On the way I ran into Karen Chu and her friend, and this guy that was also in my Math class. I was like 15 minutes late already. We were all running around and it was not like the regular UBC campus, it had A LOT of industrial areas and highways. We were at the edge of campus next to a highway and industrial parking lot (which was surrounded by chainlink fence) when I ran into Lisa! She said she was going to Buchanan too and she's lost also. Then after that we saw Winnie bringing KIM along! We were talking (Kim and I) and she was saying "It's been so long" and I was saying "Yeah I know!" But I had a retainer on (the bottom one, again weird because I only have the top one in real life) so I my speech was all muffled and slurred. Then we saw the Buchanan tower (actually it was more like two towers) so we cut across the industrial parking lot whereAndrea and Michelle joined us. But when we reached the end of the lot there was a fence that was closed by a chain. Maybe we could squeeze through... but we couldn't. Then I say move the chain up and Michelle yelled at me! Hehee just like in real life, Michelle is always reprimanding me. Then this HUGE guy came into the parking lot and we were afraid because we were kind of trespassing. So we all hid behind this shed but the big guy heard us and we kept hiding...and well I wouldn't know because I woke up. Heheh. What an interesting dream.
Omgosh. My mom's so sad! Uncle A is going to have to amputate his leg tomorrow. He's over in LA and there was something wrong with his blood vessels and they got infected or something so now they have to cut it off otherwise he might die. It's so sad because if my aunt and uncle over there had listened to my mom and auntie Marie and brought him to emergency the day before, he might not have needed to cut his leg off. Now my mom is real sad because she promised her mom before she died that she'd take care of her son for her. :( I hope Uncle A is going to be okay.
Ah! My ant farm FELL APART! After all that hard work...Oh well I'll just have to glue it back together. Good thing I didn't put in all the ants yet. I put like five in but I put in too much dirt so they didn't want to go in and stayed at the entrance waiting to get out. My ant farm will definitely be ready tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
I finished gluing my ant farm together. I'm waiting for the glue to dry. I'll be able to put the ants in tomorrow. And it's about time too. The big "queen" I caught is sort of lethargic and she is lame too! One of her front legs is all twitchy. Maybe I threw her around too much the other day.

Today I caught lots of ants that were carrying larvae. There are five I think. My mom's complaining that I'm taking all her containers to catch my ants. Heheh. Anyways, the ants carrying them all around but now they put them down since they don't have anywhere to put them. They're moving house maybe. Karen stepped on a lot and when one tried to bring a dead body home she STEPPED on it too! Ay! So cruel! But I'm cruel too. I'm stealing all their larvae. :)
Yay! I'm almost finished building my ant farm! My dad's so nice. He put so much work into it. And my mom didn't object as much as I though she would. In fact she didn't object at all! Weird. Bugs she'd allow but not mice? I'm going to put peat moss and sand in tomorrow and glue it shut. It looks pretty good. I'll take a picture of it later and post it up here.

Today Karen and I went to metro and we bought books! I saw that there was a new Voyager book out about B'Elleana and Karen was like BUY it! So we spent so long picking out three other books to buy (there was a buy 3 get 1 free sale). I chose the third book of my Terminator series and Karen bought Prey and The Princess Bride. I wanted my Firekeeper books but they were all in bad condition so I refrained from getting them. Oh well. I want them in hardcover anyways. I can't wait until the 5th book is out! I LOVE that series!

Later we went to Futureshop and I bought Brother Bear for 11.99! Mulan was the same price but my aunt already bought it for my birthday. I just love sales. :)
My "queen" ant tore off her wings today...and the "eggs" turned black. O_O Maybe they're some kind of fugus? Anyways, I'm going to make an ant farm! My dad's helping me cut the wood and stuff. Oh and I caught a HUGE ant today...Maybe she's another queen? She's really big bigger than all the others and my "queen". And on her thorax (?) there are some bumps. Maybe that is where her wings use to be? Hmm... I'm so excited! An ant farm! My mom is going to kill me.
Yay! Final's over! I'm so glad. I think I did ok. But those probability type questions will be the death of me. I hate probability. But it's over! Until July that is. I'll be starting Bio 335 next week.

So... today I went to see Miss Congeniality 2. It was pretty funny. I thought it would suck but it didn't...that much. kidding. Karen will probably buy it (or maybe me for her) when it lowers in price. I'm guessing $17 something. Karen is guessing maybe $16.83.

Yesterday Karen's friend made her some dolls of TRIP AND T'POL!!! They are really cute. And Karen's making them make babies. (teehee) Hee! Karen requested Trip and girl too. Hahah. I've sucked her into the world of Star Trek. She watched the rest of my Enterprise DVDs WITHOUT ME too!

Oh and the day before yesterday I found an ant with wings. I caught it and I'm hoping it'll be a queen. heheh. Me and my bugs. She didn't shed her wings though so I think she wasn't fertilized. But today I found some white little spheres (eggs?) in the tank. Are they BUGS?!!
Oh! Oh! Oh! My bio final is TOMORROW!!! AHHHH!!! I'm so afraid! I'm going to fail I know it. I almost failed my midterm and I'm going to fail my final...Sob.
UH! I almost FAILED my bio midterm!!! How awful! Sigh. I have to do well on the final...Should be studying...
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!
UH! I shouldn't have taken bio this summer and instead taken all compsci courses. I HATE studying for BIO! Now I'll have to endure another month of painstaking bio. When I could be doing computer science, which I enjoy. And I don't even need bio 334!
Oh boy...I've been put on the wait list for the Microbi co-op. Stupid! What I REALLY want is the compsci co-op. Now I can't drop Microbiology...If I get accepted into Microbi then what?! I'll have to do the Microbi co-op?! I hope they a space doesn't open up. I reeeeally don't want to do microbi. It's compsci I want to do. Sob. My life is so complicated.
Weee! I finished cpsc111! Yay! I'm seriously considering switching to compsci. I hate biology so much...*shakes fist* But then math is my enemy...Oh phooey. Stupid math...I guess I'll just endure. Stupid bio.

Anyhoo! My new craze is the Teen Titans! TITANS GO!
An ArtPad drawing of Chasm

Eh. What a waste of time. But I think her name will be Chasm from now on. I had considered Obsidian, Ebon, Eclipse, but I chose Chasm because of her eyes...they are like deep intense voids. Eh? Void. Maybe that?

I did horrible on the bio midterm btw. I wouldn't be surprised that I failed it.
I'm so sad. I found out I've eaten my sister's birthday cupcake.

See what happened was I was studying. All alone in the house. And you know how I get when I'm studying, I need to eat. So I went down opened the fridge, looked around, and lo-and-behold there was a box there that I hadn't seen before. So I opened it and there was a cupcake inside. I thought should I eat it? After a thought I put it back, and took something else instead. Time passes, and I wanted to eat again. I went down, took the cupcake and ate it. It wasn't my fault! Thought Ma had brought it home! And there was evidence that Karen ate one already so I thought 'Oh! This must be mine!' How was I suppose to know that it was Karen's?! There was no label or anything. Sob.
I'm so angry today. I don't know why. I just am. Hmm. The bio midterm's tomorrow. I still have to start studying. Stupid bio. I don't know why I take it in the first place.

Anyways it's Karen's birthday today...I haven't gotten her anything yet. For once there are no DVDs available to get!!! All the ones we want we are still waiting either for the price to go down or for the special edition to come out. Stupid movie people. Why can't they tell us if they are going to put out a special edition or not. Make us buy it when it comes out and then sob after because it came out in special edition and you can't get it anymore because you've got the original. Humph.
Oy! I'm going to be so busy these few days ahead! I have a bio midterm on Friday, which I haven't started studying for..., a compsi lab on the same day and a compsci assignment due on Tues! Oh when will it end?! I'll tell you when it ends Auguest. I have a exam every Fri this month and probably next month too. Oy.
Humph. I don't want to REEEEAAAAD! My bio textbook that is. I skipped tutorial again! I didn't go yesterday and I didn't go today either! I spent both days reading manga in the UBC bookstore. Ahahahahha!

I'm starting something. An art project. But I can't post what I'm doing here. Because if SOMEONE reads this. That SOMEONE will probably tell SOMEBODY who I don't want knowing what I'm doing. Eh. I hope I can remember what I was doing when I look back at this years later. But I'd probably have forgotten what I was doing by then. Meh.