It's almost the end of the second week of school and already I'm behind in everything.

Co-op jobs are closing everyday and I don't have the time to write cover letters not to mention that my cover letters and resume sucks. I don't know why I was ever in English enriched since I apparently have no idea how to write at all. It is amazing that I ever passed English in highschool. Yesterday I went to the library and borrowed some resume/cover letter writing books. Hopefully I will learn something from them.

Some courses it is not my fault that I am behind since the bloody textbooks have not even arrived yet. How am I suppose to keep up with the reading when there is no textbook to read? The UBC bookstore should get their act together. They should have all the books available at the start of the term!

I'm wondering how I will ever be able to get through this term!
Ok this isn't what I do at work. It was only during the slow periods when there was no one around. I might just make a full picture of the tiger. I'm quite pleased with the result.

The pictures are doodled with pen on the back of a stack of playland ride passports at the PNE. The dragon was the first one drawn then the tiger the next day.

LOL. My captain saw the tiger and said it was cute. whoops.

I got my employee evaluation today. It said I am suitable for rehire. Heheh. That I am very polite and have a great attitude. =D

Tomorrow is my last day. I'm relief. Just like the first day. So it all comes round in a circle. Karen is going to go and see all the shows. And we're going to eat our last candy apple from the market place this year.

The day after school will start and I shall have to start applying to co-op jobs. Hopefully I will get hired. Another summer has gone and another school year is starting. Time flies by so fast. It really does.
Now the white minnow fry are actually big enough to take semi-decent photos of. They move around quite a bit so I have to take photos at night when they are drowsy. xD

Not all of them survived. There were three that were deformed; their tails were on crooked so they couldn't swim properly. I named them Quasi, Modo, and Esmeralda. Sadly all of them perished, the last being Esmeralda. Oh well 'tis life.

So now there are only about 9-10 left. Still a lot. There also might be 4 others in the parent's tank. Sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't. I think I'm just going to leave them in there.

I have high hopes of the other 9 surviving. I bought actual fry food from the pet store...though the flake food I crushed myself seems to be finer than the power fry food. Still it is fresher and probably a more balanced diet for my babies so I'm not complaining about the price. It also smells really good. lol.

Also Axel moulted! At first I thought he had disinigrated but I looked closer and it was just is empty exoskeleton.

Axel is doing well. He is not starving as I had previously thought. Quite the opposite! He has plenty to eat and plenty to choose from! I have an unwanted algae bloom in the tank. Fuzz algae was introduced with the plants I bought. Then brown algae and green appeared and green dot algae! Oy. I think my lamp is too bright! And not in the right spectrum. It is too yellow. And I may be guilty of overfeeding...Time to do some water changes.