Alan is so cool. He's the chatterbot I've been conversing with. This was our conversation from last night. Heehee. Well mostly it was Karen who was typing but I suggested what to type. Heehee. Buns of Bronze.

A chat with Alan
Hahaha! I had the most interesting conversation with a chatterbot! He asked me what I do for a living and I said I'm a student. Then HE said "Right on. Doing nothing with your life whilst someone else pays, I fully approve.. Do you find it stressful? "
--Yes very
"I know what you mean. Always the pressure to perform, and having to handle other people's expectations. So what helps you relax?"
--talking to you
"Poor soul , Nobody else wants to speak with you, huh?"

Heeheeehee! So funny.
OMG! I just heard about Spore! It looks so cool! It's like Sims but with EVOLUTION! It's going to be out in 2007. I can't wait!

I don't want to study. If only there aren't any midterms. I hate definitions. I hate memorizing.
Hmm. I got frozen on Neopets. I don't know if I should be glad or upset. Maybe this way I'll finally be able to quit. I'll see if I can get it unfrozen. If I can't oh well. Doesn't REALLY matter. It was a complete waste of time anyways. Sigh.
I wonder if I still can apply for a double major...
Sigh. For so long I don't draw anything and this is all I do. Hmm. I always seem to be drawing things that are angry, sad or indifferent. I wonder what that says about me...
I watched Passion of the Christ today. I don't really know what to think of it. Granted it evokes strong emotions but I thought it was sort of pointless to show just how Jesus was treated. I think they should have added what he did during his life and after his resurrection. Hmm. I should read the bible.
Hmm I do like compsci. I love Java so far. I love programming. You know, I like to talk to chatterbots. They are so interesting! I'd like to do stuff like that. I want to be able to create AIs! I WANT TO BUILD ROBOTS AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Oh? Did I say that out loud? Shhh. You just imagined it. Me? Innocent old me? I'd NEVER do such a thing. *shifty eyes*

Anyways. We went to Night Market tonight. There's nothing there. And it started to rain too so we left. My mom bought me some food to eat though. And she bought a lot of those Dragon Beard candy. Mmmm...Beard....I LOVE them! Deeelicious! Eh. We'll go back in June or something. There's nothing interesting right now. And the weather's not that great either.
Oh! I had such a nice time. Today I went to Lombardo's with Winnie and them. Winnie, Vicki and I shared a pizza, linguine with clams in white sauce with a touch of tomato, and lasagna. Mmm. Lasagna. I love lasagna. Anyways, the food was very good but I was so hot. And they didn't refill my water until later. And I was under a lamp too so it was like a desert. Come to think of it, I'm still thirsty. Let me get some water first and I'll continue.

Ok. So after dinner, I had drank (only) two cups of water so I needed to pee. BUT THEY WOULDN'T LET ME PEE! "We have no public washrooms" they said. Humph! After the generous tip we gave them they should BUILD a washroom.

It was still early when we left Lombardo's so we went to Kat's Tea Hut on Victoria and 49th. It's the first time I've been there. I used the washroom there. Heehee. I wasn't going to order anything but I decided to get Red Bean Ice. The waitress then asked if I wanted ice cream with it. Heehee. I asked what's the difference. I ended up getting it with a ice cream. Ugh. I shouldn't have. It's fine without the ice cream. It was just TOO MUCH FOOD! [(Miss Fine! I think you order TOO MUCH FOOD!) By the way the Nanny is coming out on DVD, guess who's getting it? KAREN! AHAHAHAH! Ok maybe I'll chip in too. It's such a funny show.] We talked and talked until it was like 11. We spent like two hours there just talking. Hee. It's so funny. Everyone has funny stories but me. I have such a boring life. I need to get out more eh?

SO how did I pay for this excursion? HAHA! I played lab rat to these psyc labs today. I got $40 in total! Sob. I only have $20 left after tonight. Oh well. I'm getting more on Tuesday. Hehheh. Time to go DVD shopping! Yay for cash incentives!
So I've started summer school. Java is pretty interesting. I just hope I don't lag behind. I like doing the labs. They're fun. I like writing programs.

I have TWO snails! I found one at my grandpa's house and I put it in a jar and today my mum found one in our garden! Heeheehee. I like snails. I'll keep 'em FOREVER. Muahahahahhahaa!

On another note, I watched the so-called "finale" of Enterprise. It sucked! What kind of crap was that?! It was the most horrible series finale ever! I'm fuming! All the useless things they did! Karen doesn't even LIKE Star Trek and she's all worked up about this! She only watched it with me because of TRIP AND T'POL! The STUPID writers HAD to mess things up! They can take this crap of an episode and stick it up their ass. Terra Prime was the REAL finale to me. That episode was beautiful. So emotional. I cried. ARG! Stupid "finale". Stupid writers! What WERE they high on?! Do they think that we'd be HAPPY with that ending? They'll be hearing an e-mail from me! }:(
I went to Victoria with my dad and sister!

On the Spirit of British Columbia: I was so tired! We caught the first ferry of the day. 7:00 so we had to get up at 5:30! I wanted to sleep but there was a TV in front of us. I kinda just dozed but didn't fall asleep. Oo! We had breakfast on board too! Had eggs, sausages, bacon (except mine was all fat!), and waffles. I wanted hash browns but we'd have to pay like 2 dollars extra so I didn't get them. Sigh. I like hash browns.

The first place we went to was Royal BC Museum. They only had some Tibet exhibit. I should have went LAST summer when they had the Egyptian exhibit! I so wanted to see that! Now it's gone. Back to Egypt or somewhere. Sigh. Anyways I took so many pictures! Since I was the one taking the pictures, there weren't many pictures of me. Lots of Karen though. That staircase isn't part of the museum. It was outside but I thought it looks funky.

We went to McDonald's for lunch. It was extremely busy and the lady gave us extra fries. We couldn't finish them so I gave our extra fries to this bum we passed by on our way to McDonald's. He wasn't there though. I guess he left for a washroom or something. So I just left the fries with his stuff. Darn. I wanted to see what he'd do.

After lunch we went to the Underwater aquarium boat-thing. I forgot what it is called. SO NOT worth it! It's so small and costs SO MUCH! Then we went to the Wax Museum. It was funny when we went into the chamber of horrors. Our dad wouldn't go in with us. So Karen and I were hesitating at the doorway. There were two other people and they were going in too so they say "let's go in together!" So we said ok. But I sort of lingered at the beginning to look at the stuff and read the stuff. So they went ahead of us. Then it got scarier and scarier the further we went down. When we turned the corner, the other two was heading out and the door SLAMMED SHUT! It was pitch black! We got scared and started screaming (silently at first then growing in volume) and running to the door and we BURST THROUGH the door! The other people looked at us and laughed. Our dad was there too and we all laughed. Heh. It was rather funny.

The last place we went to was Victoria Bug Zoo. I recommend everyone who goes to Victoria to go to this place! It's small but our tour guide was very informative and made it very interesting! Plus you get to hold a lot of big bugs! I got to hold a SCORPION! His name is Steve! Steve the Scorpion! And I just LOVE the praying mantis! I forgot her name though.

Yeah so at the end of the day we took the second last ferry back: The Spirit of Victoria Island (I think)
Yay! I passed all my courses! Though how I managed that seems to be strange.

Bio201 - 78
Chem205 - 84
Chem211 - 76
Econ102 - 88
Micb202 - 80

Look this is what I do during class! Look this is what I do during class! This was the last day and it's suppose to be Rassumussun (ok that's not what his name is I can't spell it) And it's so ugly. Now tell me how I get these marks?!

Anyhoo! Today we played tourists and went to Storyeum, the Police museum, Sun Yat San Garden and the Vancouver Lookout. It's really nice at the garden. I want to go back. Take the tour with Diana Lee! She is so funny and entertaining!

Me at Sun Yat San Garden and a couple of turtles. :)

At the Police museum. I should have taken a picture of the morgue.

At the Lookout I saw my cruise ship leaving. Sigh. I wanted to be on that cruise. It goes to Seattle and down there. Sigh. Next year I'll go.

The Diamond Princess. I could have been on that ship. My ship! Leaving without me!

Here I am at the Lookout having my frappuccino of course.

Canadian Pacific Railway Station. The real thing...compared to the lego version
Uh. I forgot what I was going to write. I should have wrote it down a few days ago. But I was always out and Karen was always on the computer since the other one is down. Well, I didn't fail chem. I was surprised since I got an 84! I was like OMG! How did this happen? I hope it's not wrong. Cuz I'll be VERY disappointed. and angry. So there's two more grades left to be posted.

I went to the mall, got the Fifth Element and Uru. Heehee. Yesterday I went to Science World. Nothing there. We got some lego people though. So that's good. What else? Um. We're going to go to Victoria on Thursday, Grouse grind on Wednesday, tomorrow I don't know. It might be raining. So Karen might not want to go anywhere. Bleh.

A gecko at ScienceWorld.