I am SO EXCITED today! Why? Because my fish made BABIES! They probably laid the eggs a while ago but today I saw small fry swimming in the tank! So I scooped the five I saw out into another container. Just in case the parents might eat them. (I've read that they won't but why take the chance?)

When I can home from work I saw that there were more! I counted a least 13 fry! 8DDD I am so deliriously happy!!!!!! Yay!

I was making food for the fry during work. I was crushing flakes into fine powder.

I forgot to write about work...Well now I work for the PNE! I am a ticket seller and have been working for 4 days. It is my very first job ever! (Working for my uncle doesn't count.)
This is it! I am officially certified as an open water diver!

We had 5 confined pool dives at the UBC swimming pool previously and this weekend we finally went into the ocean! We went to Wytecliff park on Saturday and Copper Cove today. We saw lots of sea stars, fish, crabs and some sea cucumbers today.

But aww we wanted to go see the anemone wall! But the instructor that took us on the second dive of the day only spent 17 minutes with us! And we only worked on our skills. Dive #4 was supposed to be a sightseeing tour. We even changed our tanks because we told that they were going to take us down longer. :(

Anyways, diving is so fun!...in the water. Because what kills me is the getting into and especially OUT of the water. Once I fall down in the shallows there is no getting back up again. My legs are just too weak. LOL.

That picture is of Copper Cove where we dove today. We have to walk down a fight of stairs to get down there. And that means carrying HEAVY tanks up and down that. My biceps are definately bigger than when I started.

Even though I'm certified and can dive on my own now, I'll still dive with two other people: a buddy and someone to help me get out the water and carry my tank. HAHAHAH! Posted by Picasa
One of the males my friends got for me is dead. I think the other male killed him because he bullies the female too! I searched online for the cause of this aggressiveness and turns out I should keep at least 5 white clouds together with more females than males.

So today I went and bought 3 more FEMALE white clouds. Heheh I said to the staff I want the fat ones. Heehee.

Yeah so he's still bullying but I think there is a female that is not afraid to bully him back so it's all cool...so far.

Heehee. Do you see the Axel, the shrimp on the log? He is SO CUTE! I love shrimp. He might be starving though because I don't have any algae yet. Gotta get him something to eat!
Where have I been these days after I got off school? Well! Setting up a new aquarium in my room! Teehee!

I bought the tank at the end of July and have been adding things to it until now.

At first it was only filled with some Java moss and gravel and a temporary female betta that my sister bought. She named her Ferrari (I think). She's a pretty red colour. I actually saw her and told Karen about it. Karen's wanting buy a male too but all the petstores don't have any blue ones that Karen likes or they are of not very good quality. Petcetera's fish section is in a particularly dismal state. My my have they've gone downhill.

On Friday, Winnie, Vicki and Michelle gave me 3 white cloud minnows (the fish I wanted) for my (belated) birthday present! Yay! Here's them when I brought them home. I think the two on the left are males and the one on the right is the female. :) The males are VicVic and Winifred. xD My friends wanted me to name them that. Hehhehe. I don't know which is which since I can't distinguish between the two males.

And the fish and the tank today after some plant additions and an artificial log. I bought the plants today along with an Amano shrimp. The fish are up at the top there. Ferrari got moved to another tank in my sister's room.

The Amano shrimp is so cute! I'll probably get another one. We'll see how well this one fares.

I am so excited this is my first aquarium that has REAL plants in it! The plants I have are Sagittaria subulata and Java moss. I bought some liquid fertilizer for them but I think I should also add tablets in the gravel and get a better light. I'm just using my desk lamp right now. The tank doesn't come with the light and to buy it is an additional $34.99! That's too much for me. I haven't even started my job yet and I'm spending all my money away.