I'm 25 years old today. Wow time does fly. I had a good day today. The radio was playing all my favourite songs and the FlipMino HD I won from the ScotiaBank Show Your Colours contest came in the mail today! What perfect timing. =D I had a very small celebration. My parents surprised me with a mango cake from Anna's. It was very good. They also gave me a card and two Lindt white chocolate bunnies! Mmmm.
I went to the annual Vandusen Garden Plant Sale today. It was so crowded but I guess it is like that every year. There were many plants there but all the nice ones were already bought because people started lining up for the 10am sale at 6am! I went fairly late - about 2:30pm. The sale ended at 4pm. I went there with the intention of buying a nice Magnolia tree for our garden. When I finally found the section with the Magnolia trees, there didn't seem to be a whole lot left. The volunteer was very nice and helped me choose one that didn't grow too big. I wanted one that was purple-pink and was fragrant. I had planned to get the Magnolia 'Galaxy' type but she said it would grow very tall (up to 40ft!) and might be too big for a regular city plot. I ended up getting the `Betty` which has a nice pink colour and grows up to 10 feet. I also ended up purchasing a Peony. I wanted to buy more plants buy the problem was I wasn't prepared and didn't go with a wagon. I only had two hands so I could only buy two plants. Oh well, there's always next year!
BzzAgent (a word of mouth company) has a new product testing campaign for me (yay!). I was sent 2 cans of Nabob Coffee, each a different flavour. I received Full City Metropolis and Breakfast Blend. I have brewed both for my family and all I can say is mmm...coffee. Delicious!

Nabob Coffee comes in several other flavors, such as Sumatra Blend, Colombian and Espresso. If delicious coffee doesn't want to make you go out and try it, how about it being environmentally friendly? I guess people don't really think about coffee being environmentally friendly, but Nabob Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning the farms that the beans grow on use non-harmful methods to remove pests and helps protect animal habitats like forests and rivers! Yay for protecting the environment!

Go out today and buy a can of Nabob Coffee to help support the Rainforest Alliance program! I also have a few $1 off coupons that can be used on any Nabob Coffee, so if you're interested send me an email! Act quickly though, I only have a few left!
Official Google Reader Blog: A veritable boatload of read items

Wow they ran out in just 27 minutes! Google's April Fool's joke was to distribute what they call ReaderAdvantage™ badges to people who sign up under their program. A reader gets points depending on how many items they read in GoogleReader. I thought it is such a cool badge. I'm so sad I missed this. I want one. =(
Seen on Cambie Bridge
I was sent a bottle of Ultra Palmolive Aroma Sensations dish washing liquid to test out from BzzAgent, an awesome word of mouth company. Palmolive has changed the look of their line of dish soap and revamped the formula to a new and more powerful cleaning solution! I was sent a bottle of Aroma Sensations, with the Fresh Green Apple scent but it also comes in other scents such as Lavender and Tropical Blossom.

I've been using it for the past few days and I'm quite pleased with it. I've used Palmolive in the past but now because of their new formula, it only requires a little amount of detergent to make all my dishes nice and clean! Plus Palmolive is phosphate free and uses biodegradable ingredients in its formula so that's good for the environment! I really like how it smells and the green colour of the soap is also very pleasing to the eye. I'm looking forward to trying the other scents as well.

If you or anyone you know would like to try Palmolive's new Aroma Sensations, I have several $0.50 off coupons for any Ultra Palmolive 591ml dish liquid. Just leave me a comment or send me your email, and I will send a coupon your way. Canadian residents only please. If you live in the US, the Palmolive site has a $1 off coupon available for normal Palmolive and a $0.55 off coupon for Aroma Sensations.
I went to the Easter Vigil at 9pm tonight. Nobody was baptized this year but four people were confirmed. It was still a nice service. I love the lighting of the candles. I got participate in lighting a candle at the beginning this year. They turned on the lights earlier than I recall last year. Father Michael recognized me as I was exiting the church and said "Why hello! You were baptized last year! I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name." LOL It's nice to be remembered yet forgotten at the same time. I'm like that too though. I would remember a person by their face but not remember their name.

Happy Easter everyone!
Our family went to the Vancouver International Auto Show today. Usually my dad goes by himself every year but this year my sister managed to score four free tickets. There were a lot of people that attended. We entered almost at opening time around 12:15 and stayed until 5:30. I didn't realize I could take so long looking at cars! It must be all the shininess and newness of the cars. There was a Lamborghini that was already sold! There were a lot of cars to see and lots of freebies to get too. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and got to participate in the CIBC Drive Smart demostration. All I had to do was ride a little bike around a track and they gave me a $25 Petro-Canada giftcard as thanks!

There were a couple of cars I liked. I liked the Ford Fiesta, SmartCar and Honda. Oh the Ferrari was nice too. The Ford Fiesta is my favourite car (the same one I saw at Oakridge). The second is the SmartCar. The Fiesta costs $12,999 and the SmartCar I think around the same. Why not have the extra seating for the about the same cost? I like the green coloured one but the blue I have a picture with is pretty sweet too. It matches my outfit.

I also like this BMW sports bike. I drool over it.

All in all it was a nice family outing and a good experience. I'd probably not go again for some time but I'm glad I got a chance to go this time. I even put up some of the posters that I got from the show in my room. The Lexus poster is especially nice.

Here's K's post about the Auto show.