Gosh, I haven't updated it so long! This term has been hectic. It has been the busiest ever. Taking four computer science courses at once was definately a big mistake. There were so many assignments and projects. Managed to finish them all though. lol. I made two text adventure games (One in Prolog and one in Haskell), a Gmail plugin for Eclipse, and a Restaurant POS system in a team of 8 people!

I haven't done as well on my midterms as I have hoped. So definately I have to do well on my finals. I kinda slacked off the past two days though. I wanted to just relax. I am going to really study tomorrow. My first exam is on Friday. It's the AI course. It is such a hard course! I don't think that I will be pursuing the AI field anymore. I have no idea what the prof is talking about. But it was a somewhat fun course. On the last day we had the Great Wolfman Shearing! You can watch it here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49TmxNPhXnw Yeah our prof is not a rational agent. lol

Had some weird dreams again. But not as weird as the floating fetuses...One about a dragon and its rider and one was about these creatures that had the job of protecting mankind from some other creatures but they were not liked at all. Then there was some pokemon-like creatures and there was a revolt because people were being nasty to the protectors...Ok that makes no sense at all to who ever is reading this.

I've been playing Gaia a lot too. It is all Mei's fault! She started playing and now I'm addicted! And I'm eating a lot of jellybeans. Coffee jelly beans...mmmm.

Sleeptime. Finals begin on Friday.