My feet hurt, my shoes are leaky and I have a bunch of homework to be done. But that doesn't stop me from skating!

It was the last day of skating at Thunderbird. They are going to demolish it soon to make the new centre for the 2010 Olympic games. It's sad since I've only started stating there like 3 weeks ago. I went with Winnie today. We were singing songs and admiring the people who could do jumps and turns. Then after we wrote on the wall where some other people wrote goodbye messages. Making their mark before the building is torn down I guess. Heehee a little boy thought we were vandalizing the wall. Little does he know that it doesn't matter anymore. Bauer Rink will be gone soon.

Now where will I go now? Hmm maybe I should start swimming.

After I wanted to go to Petcetera. Just to browse around, I guess. I wasn't planning to buy anything. I cohersed Winnie to come along with me. Heehee. I checked out the fish I wanted. But the Rupert Petcetera didn't have any plants for sale. Well, a few but those were like the left overs!

They had a tank of mice though! Aww! They were so cute! Such small little darlings with big ears. I wanted a brown and white one. Ah but I have George and Lenny already. And Ma forbids I bring any more home.

I'll stick with fish. At least she can't complain about invisible non-existant fleas. ;P
OMG Angels and Demons (by Dan Brown) is SOOO GOOD. It's even better than Da Vinci Code! They should me a movie of that this instead! I guess if they did it WOULD be an R-rated movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it. But omg Dan Brown really knows how to write! I never saw it coming! Talk about plot twists! I thought I had it all figured out! And I said "It's the always the person you least suspect". I didn't even know. I wasn't even close! OMG. READ IT.
I went skating on Monday at Thunderbird. I never realized the centre is so big! So many hockey rinks. That's where the hockey stuff is going to be played during the Olympics in 2010 I think. But yeah! It's very big! Not a lot of people were there skating either so it was very nice. A lot of leg room. There were I think 2 figure skating capable people there too! They were doing all sorts of pretty spins. So cool. Karen's friend said that there is a guy that comes in some of the time who does jumps!

I got my math 221 midterm back today and I got such a low mark! I didn't fail that's good news and I did better than on the first midterm but argh! I studied so hard for it and all I have to show for it is this low low mark. >:(

I'm so sleepy and hungry right now.
Ooo it's so cold! It's been raining and snowing all day. My socks and shoes got all wet. I really need new shoes. They are leaky.

I was giving out movie tickets to a premier tonight and I managed to give one to a friend and the other to a guy that sat next to me on the bus. He was very happy. Said it couldn't have come at a better time since he has nothing to do tonight and he owes someone a movie but he's short on cash. :)

I feel really good. I made someone's day happier and that makes me feel very good.

He was cute btw. ;D
OMGosh I love Lady and the Tramp! I got the DVD today and watched it too. Lady is so sweet! The last time I watched it was so long ago and now I actually understand what they are saying! :D

I spent the day playing the Sims2 that I borrowed from the library when I should have been doing my lab report. It's pretty fun but my people grow old too fast! And they confiscated my babies! :(

Soon soon. Woohoo. XDDD
So I'm back from the DevelopMental Tour. It was pretty interesting. But they didn't have time to get into depth about anything. BUT they gave us a free textbook! But it's all a scheme to get us to program stuff for Windows so more people will use it. Microsoft is so ingeniuously sneaky. LOL

Oh well back to programming.
AH the Isopets website is not working! NOOO I need my regular dose of Isopets!...even though the site's not up yet. ;_; I want to talk to people!

Haven't been drawing much. I've been so busy. I managed to finish my math homework ahead of time though. So proud of myself. Heheh.

Tomorrow I'm going to some Microsoft Develop Mental workshop or something like that. I'm pretty psyched about it.