Hiking up Parc du Mont-Royal - Montreal, QC

Winding down on my Montreal trip now. This was the last full day W and I spent in Montreal and we planned to spend the morning of it hiking up Mont-Royal. I realize I'm blogging about the fall went it's the spring/summer time. HA.  We could see the park from the room we where staying in and I was pretty excited. 

Started the morning off with a latte and a carrot muffin in the coffee shop at our hotel.

On our way up hill, we passed by the McGill University campus. I love how old and rustic the buildings look.

I was huffing and puffin by the time we reached the entrance of the park. It was all uphill and we got some more stairs to climb!

*huff huff* So many stairs. There were a lot of joggers climbing up that past me.

Only half way there!

Finally some flat ground! We headed down the road and ended up at the Chalet du Mont-Royal where it opened and we had a nice view of the city.

A beautiful view of the downtown Montreal with the St. Lawrence River in the background.

I LOVE the colours of the park in the fall!

Jacques Cartier gave Mont Royal its name "from which the city of Montreal took its name".

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 Something was happening at the Chalet du Mont-Royal. They were setting up a red carpet and everything!

We peeked inside and W noticed the cute squirrels decorating the rafters.

 After admiring the view for a bit, we headed off in the other direction to find the Croix du mont Royal.

Aren't the colours gorgeous?!

 So many cute squirrels around. This one is real.

Finally found it, thought it was surrounded by construction. The Croix du mont Royal lights up every night except on Earth Day, powered by 158 18-LED bulbs usually in a white but it can be any colour.

Off to the side, we discovered a time capsule!

It was buried in 1992 and is to be opened in the year 2142. Too bad we won't be alive then...It contains messages and drawings from 12,000 children of how they think 2142 will be like.

 W and I headed back down after that we had other places to go!

I love taking photos of squirrels.

 Eee! It's so fat and cute!

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Anneliese M said...

Haha those stairs.. so, so many stairs. But totally worth it, especially in autumn. :) (I'm still convinced I must've walked past you at some stage haha) Also love those squirrel photos! Infinitely better in every way than my dodgy phone ones when I took the hike up there, heh. Thank you again for sharing, autumn in Montreal is so short-lived but so beautiful ♥

Jenny said...

Hahah yeah totally worth it! I'm glad I went in the autumn. Oh you like the squirrels, eh? I have more in a future post! Stay tuned lol. Thank YOU for visiting my blog! =D