Last day of school today. I'm not as enthusiastic as I would be in high school. Last day means a day closer to finals which are starting on next Thursday going somewhat consecutively until the 8th. Iye-ya I'm am so scared. I got a C on my english essay which is like 30% of my mark and the final is undoubtedly gonna be super hard. I hate it. I hate it aaallll.
Soo finally all my essays and midterms are done. Now for the finals...I'm gonna fail
Oh my gosh. I was LATE for bio TUTORIAL! Arg! How can I be so stupid and especially on THIS day! It was peer editing today and so I just lost 10 marks and I don't know how much more for handing that stupid essay in late. Damn it! $%#@ I feel so stupid. Now everyone's gonna remember me as the girl who was late. Stupid Edwin is probably going to tell ALL his friends and everyone is gonna rub it IN MY FACE. Arhg! I hate myself!
I hate school. I got 31 out of 50 on my second math midterm. The prof said the first was too easy. I'm angry cuz I made so many stupid mistakes. I'm so stupid. Arg! I hate my life.

Doing my bio essay that's due tomorrow or actually today...whatever. Should have been done LONG ago but I kept playing Gaia: I don't know why it's not that fun. But I wanted nice clothes for my avatar. bleh. Now it's making my comp all slow again. I'm also talking to this guy named Chris. Don't know why he would be talking to me. Probably insane. Pah. I'd better finish that essay. I got another one due on Friday. Sigh. School sucks.
Weeeee! My sis got me raisins from superstore!....*cough cough* You don't have to look THAT weirdly.

Ooook so I didn't go to the SPCA today. BUT it was raining and I didn't want to take the bus. All wet and icky. Do you know what wet bus smells like?! I won't elaborate cuz I don't know what I'm the heck talking aboot. Sigh. If it isn't raining tomorrow I'll go. But then I'll have to do my bio essay. I always waste Saturdays away.
I spent the day watching TV, surfing the net and colouring pics. I watched Robin Hood in the afternoon and just finished Original Sins right now. So much sex in OS. bleh. But I'm glad the pimp died. Oops. Spoiled it for those of you who haven't watched it. But like I said who on earth is going to read this anyways.
Eh! Finally it's Friday. Sigh. Another week come and gone. Time goes by so fast these days.

I'm wasting my time buying chocos on Neopets. I wanna get rich quick so I can buy a good weapon - one of those hidden tower ones. Maybe I should sell my green gallery. It takes up too much money. I've stopped training Classique. I'm just gonna let the lab ray do it's job even if - heaven forbid - she goes all the way back to level 1. Codestones are too expensive. Shouldn't have wasted so many. Oh well.

I started doodling raccoons now. I can't do squirrels. Raccoons are cute. But sometimes mine look like rats - at least that is what my sis said. I should upload some more stuff. I have a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be coloured. And I still have that childhood pic of my mum's family to colourize. THAT is going to take me forever. I have no skills. bleh.

I'm going to visit the SPCA tomorrow. They have 6 rats and I want to see them. If only my mum will let me have one..or two. eh. like that's ever going to happen. Hopefully I will have the courage to ask to volunteer there. hmm. let's hope so.
Humph. The more I think about it the more angry I get. Maybe I should just stop thinking. Chem is just horrible. I had so many stupid mistakes on the midterm. I could have gotten 7 more marks. I just hate myself. I CAN'T COUNT. Four 2's do NOT make up 10. Will somebody tell my brain that! Arhg. One thing I'll say about chem is that the demonstrations are kick-ass! Gotta love the explosions.

Stupid english. I'm trying to write a essay on why cloning is wrong. But I've been sitting here for like 6 hours and NOTHING. And now this stupid mosquito is bothering me. When I get my hands on it I'll squash it like the bug it is, maybe I'll drown it instead. Pluck off it's wings and flush it down the toilet. Stupid mosquitos. They don't have any purpose except to carry disease and feed other bugs and things. Pf.
Sooo..It's 12:43 - a.m. that is - and I'm doing nothing - as usual. I don't want to start my english essay even though I know I should. This website is slow-going for me. I just thought I would post some of my thoughts up while I think about this webbie - not that anyone will read this; its just easier to type than to write on paper, know what I mean?. Wonder if I will ever get it - the site, not the entry - finished. I haven't even come up with a decent idea yet. Just junk. junk ideas. that's right. nothing at all. darn brain. keeping things from me. dfksjdkflseifjelwnakdfl;