The developer of Angry Birds confirmed on Twitter that they are updating the Angry Birds Halloween edition - free for currently owners! This update will probably happen sometime in December. I think the Halloween edition is $1.99 in the Apple App store. And is you don't already know yet, if you own an Android phone, the regular version of the full game is completely free for download, albiet with ads. But it is a small price to pay for one of the most addictive games out there!

Angry Birds is also approaching their one year anniversary and apparently Saturday, December 11th is Angry Birds Day! There are meetups every around the world! It'll be like a flash mob type thing. You can either join a group or create your own. I think the closest one to Vancouver is in Delta right now. Not sure if I'm addicted enough to attend though. lol

I've also discovered that Rovio made Angry Birds plush toys! So cute! I want them all to throw at people. Hahaha! If only they weren't $14.99 plus shipping and handling! =/

The Fighter is a movie based on a true story about the early years of famous boxer "Irish" Micky Ward, starring Mark Wahlberg, and his life leading up to the World Championship. His older brother Dick "Dicky" Eklund, played by Christian Bale, was also a boxer and taught Micky everything he knows. Dicky becomes Micky's trainer and their mother Alice (Melissa Leo) manages his career. Sadly Dicky is an unreliable trainer since he is a drug addict. After one too many loses and Dicky ends up in jail, Micky quits boxing until his girlfriend Charlene (Amy Adams) convinces him to go back - this time without his mother and bother. His family was plagued with anger and feelings of betrayal but suddenly Micky is actually winning and has a chance at the World Championship.

This movie is actually pretty good! For someone who knows absolutely nothing about boxing, this movie was very entertaining. It was about family and rising up to meet all the challenges life throws at you. It was humourous, heartwarming and will have you cheering for Micky until the end. This inspirational movie is about never giving up and how important family is - just when you think someone is going to lose, they come back and surprise you.

The Fighter opens in theatres Dec 17, 2010.

I went to the Sara Bareilles Concert at the Commodore Ballroom on Monday. Holly Conlan and Cary Brothers opened. During one of Cary Brother's songs, Bareilles actually come out and sang with him!. And there would be more of this later on when she performs her own songs. She would invited Holly Conlan and Cary Brothers and their band members to participate in her songs and even asked the crowd to sing along! In her famous "Love Song", she let the crowd sing first chorus. "It's all about interactivity" she said. Her performance was spectacular. Bareilles was very funny and down-to-earth. I loved her stories about her songs. There were times where she did the unexpected though - like climbing on top of the piano to sing! Crazy!

Bareilles and her openers liked to close their eyes when they sing so most of the pictures I took are with closed eyes. LOL

This weekend, new cell service provider, Mobilicity opened up multiple stores in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal! They have very low rates and when they say unlimited it is actually unlimited. The cheapest plan is $25 with unlimited talk and text with caller ID! And for $10 more you can add a unlimited data plan! This is awesome deal compared to other service providers! Too bad I'm still in a contract that doesn't end until March. Otherwise I'd be all over this! Mobilicity is also currently offering two grand opening specials ($30 or $40 unlimited plan with data) that are valid until the end of the November.
Virgin Radio was on site at some of the stores promoting the grand opening. Guess who was at the Kingsway location! KIAH! He's so cool. Got a picture with him too! Eeee! Too bad Tara Jean wasn't there. Kiah said Evil Kiah gave her a nervous breakdown so she had to leave early. LOL I hope I can meet them together one day. =)
Tangled is a retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel. In Disney's version, Rapunzel is a princess, kidnapped as a baby and locked up in a hidden tower by Mother Gothel. Why would she do this? Well, Mother Gothel is an evil old lady that wants to use Rapunzel's magical hair to keep herself young. She's managed to convince Rapunzel to stay in the tower for 18 years by telling her that the outside world is too dangerous for her. Along comes theif Flynn Ryder who accidentally stumbles across the tower while trying to escape the palace guards. Rapunzel convinces Flynn to take her out of the tower to see the floating lanterns, that always seem to appear on her birthday. But Mother Gothel is not going to stand idle while her precious fountain of youth walks out the door and also everyone seems to want a piece of Flynn! A hair-raising adventure ensues...

I have to say Tangled is AWESOME! I was looking forward to watching it and Disney did not disappoint! I loved the animation, the story, the music, everything.

Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (from TV series Chuck) voices Flynn Ryder. They did a very good job of making their characters come alive. One of my favourite non-voice characters is Rapunzel's pet chameleon, Pascal. He didn't need to utter a single word but he made the audience laugh all the time. As with all Disney movies, there is singing. Alan Menken does it again with an awesome set of songs and score. I loved all the songs and I might even purchase the soundtrack!

Tangled is shown in 3D but I thought that it wasn't necessary. There weren't many places where Disney took advantage of the 3D effect. The movie would be enjoyed the same if watching on regular screen. If you are planning to bring your kids to watch a movie, you can't go wrong with Tangled. Disney delivers a very entertaining, humerous and unique spin to a story that kids and even adults will love.

Tangled is in theatres Wednesday, November 24, 2010.


He was only $4.99 at the Olympic warehouse sale!
They have lots of stuff still in stock and this week they are giving away a free 9.5" Miga with Red Mittens no purchase necessary!

Best Buy had the midnight launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops today. I was expecting more people than the number that showed up. There seemed to be more Halo fans than Call of Duty. Maybe they were offering better free stuff with purchase also. They were only giving away free toques to the first 90 people to purchase the game. There are three versions available: normal ($59.99), the 'Hardened Edition' ($79.99) and the 'Prestige Edition' ($149.99). The Prestige edition offers a remote control car with in-built camera with addition maps and the Hardened edition includes the extra maps and a tin case. 

Best Buy also held a costume contest. They gave away two Prestige Editions to runner ups to their costume contest and XBox and game bundle to the winner. They also gave away one Prestige edition to a random person in line. I dressed up as well as I could but in the end the Best Buy manager choose another girl (the one in the blue uniform) to be runner up. There were 3 girls that participated in the costume contest. Everyone had their paintball or airsoft gear and I had my homemade costume. T_T It was fun though! Everyone complemented me on my costume. =) I also was filmed for the news! I might be on TV! LOL Two of the sound developers of the game were there too and I took a photo with them and got their autographs on a bandanna!

I tried playing it. There are Zombie Nazis! Aaaaah! I didn't last very long...
So far so good! This is the umpteenth time my Kribensis have spawned but every time they never lasted more than three days. This time the guppies have been put into jail and the fry seem to be surviving! I've been feeding them baby brine shrimp and crushed flake food by squirting the food in their direction. They gooble it up so fast their bellies become round and fat. They are sooo cute!

Hahaha. Mum doesn't like me taking pictures of them.

I was looking at it while I was driving home and I remember thinking rainbows are a driving hazard! So beautiful! I ran inside to get my camera after I got home. It's actually a double rainbow and but the second one is kinda faint. I wasn't far away enough to get the whole thing. =( It was a complete rainbow from end to end. Seeing this rainbow today made me think of Karen's double rainbow mission. That song is stuck in my head!

I went to the midnight launch at Best Buy on Wednesday night to check out the new Kinect. There was a crowd but not in the numbers as the launch party for Halo Reach or Starcraft. About 200 or so people showed up. Diamonds in the Rough and Blueprint Cru (runner up in America's Best Dance Crew) were there and gave awesome performances. They also played with Kinect, especially with the Dance Central game. Not surprisingly they all got high scores! Kinect is very fun to play. I can see how this might have the potential to overtake the Wii or PS3 someday, but better games have to come out first.

I tried out the Joy Ride game but the sensor had trouble detecting me so I ended up driving in circles. Everyone laughed. T_T I thought the sensor might use heat to detect where someone is and I was very cold and my fake leather jacket didn't help either. Turns out I was right! One of the sensors on the bar is a infrared red sensor! Still very fun and people probably won't play outside in the cold anyways.

I had a good time and got a Kinect hat signed by the Blueprint Cru and also a picture taken with them! Yay!

I was lucky enough to be invited to this event presented by Samsung Mobile today. There was an open bar and and Faber Drive was gave us a private show!  Samsung Mobile was promoting the new Galaxy Tab and Samsung Captivate phone and I got a chance to take a look at both. Unfortunately they didn't give one to me. =( I took some photos of them but the lighting was dark so the photos may not show them at their best. You can see the screens are very bright though. These devices look awesome and I hope to get one of them soon in the future.

Faber Drive gave an awesome performance. I loved their song "When I'm With You" most of all. There was a lot of energy in the room. It wasn't very crowded so I got to stand at the front. I even got a Faber Drive t-shirt! Woo! =D