I started playing Gaia again. I like to fish. Before there was nothing to do there and now they add this thing and enticed me back. Heh. What a waste of time.
Woo! I passed pysc after all! AND with a 85 I might add. I'm so delighted. But I'm crazy. Almost 1 and I'm still up on the computer. Crazy.

I went shopping again today with K. I bought a Roots hoodie and a potato plushie! I love it! It's so soft and cute and makes me smile lots. Tomorrow I'm going to Micheals I think. I hope. I want to buy scrapbooking stuff. Heh. I still need to finish Tina's present. Taking too long. Anyways goodnight.
Ha! I'm back from a day of boxing day shopping. Didn't get much really. But that's not important. It's the excitement of getting up at 5 in the morning and pushing past crowds and crowds of crazy stampeding people. We were late this year. We went at 6 instead of 5 so we didn't have to line up at Futureshop. I got Hellboy and Karen got some other boring DVD with Sandra Bullock in it. We also went to Metro and I got some clothes and socks there. I wanted some candy canes but they weren't really on sale so bah. So tired. I wanted to go to Michaels and look around maybe buy some 50 cent scissors but no stupid people had to have accidents on all the bridges so we ended up not going to Richmond. I'll go tomorrow maybe. Another day of shopping tomorrow. Yay!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! We're having ham today. :)
Yay! I passed chemistry! with a high mark of 69! heehee!
So far so good. I got 87 in anthro. I hope I didn't fail psyc. It'll be sad if I fail a multiple choice course. Very sad indeed. I don't know what to do now. I don't know if I should go to the mall or stay home. Decisions, decisions.

I love doing that too. Mmm warm laundry. Posted by Hello
I should be studying psyc. More that half the day come and gone. And still haven't cracked open the text. Look at it. Sitting there. Mocking me....

Anyways Karen's taking her math exam right now. I hope she's doing well. She studied so hard for it, I really hope she passes.
Yay! The worst is over. I wrote my chem final today. I wasn't as bad as I thought. At least I finished it all...I hope this is not a false sense of security only to end up failing....O_O...I hope not.
So it begins....
What should I do??? I kind of want to go into CompSci but I don't know if it is reeeaally what I want. Sure I took CompSci100 and I like the simple programming with Visual Basic but I don't really know if I will like the other courses. I know I don't like math but if I go into it then I'll have to take a bunch of math. Ugh. What to do...what to do...
YAY! T'pol's stupid husband released her from their marriage!!!! Now she can finally get with Trip! Yes, I watch Star Trek. Heehee I got my sister watching it too cause she loves romances. I do too. Hee! Ugh. Must study.
Studying is hard. I have a hard time concentrating. Huh. Maybe due to the fact that I stayed up til 3 reading. Bleh. I'll be so glad when finals are over.

Ivana got fired on the Apprentice. Too bad. But I didn't agree with her taking her skirt off. That was too much. Don't people ever learn?! You're on national television for crying out loud! Don't do such stupid things!