I went to the zoo today with Ba and Karen. I had a lot of fun! Tigers are so pretty. We took tonnes of pictures but ALAS! I forgot to bring the Lumix camera! Stupid! Stupid! And I brought the wrong set of batteries so when we ran out juice. We ran out. But that's ok. We were pretty much done walking around anyways. But one thing we missed was the peacock! He spread his tail and was right in front of us for so long but we didn't have any more battery left! ;3;

We were so lucky because when we went on the bus that took us to the wolf and bear habitat, it wasn't their feeding time so they didn't come out. But then the fence got stuck! And the wolves thought it was feeding time so they ran out! I took some pictures but I was inside the bus so it wasn't really good and I was running out of batteries also.

The hippo and the cheetah wasn't there though! Karen went last year and they told her that they'll be finished with rebuilding the hippo habitat this year but they haven't even started! >:( Next year they'd better be finished!

I think this time of year is the best to go because there were a lot of baby animals! Baby lemurs, bison (born just yesterday), wallabee, birds. They are all so cute!!! I wish I'd gotten better pictures of the lemurs! But I had to use the digital zoom so the quality is so poor. Oh well next time.

Some pictures were taken with the Kodak and some with the Nikon. Can you tell which is which?

Karen and I went kayaking at Deer Lake with a group of my friends and her friends. She's been planning this for a month now BUT it turned out to be a rainy day. Crazy as we all are, we went anyways. It was fun albeit cold and wet. I doubled with Annie. She needs to build some upper body muscle. I paddled most of the time. Heehee. I'd be like

- "What's that?!"
- "Nothing it's just a log" -Annie
- "Let's go investigate it!"
- "Noooo, it's a snake!"
- "Really?! Let's go see it!"

Heheh. I'm always wanting to go near the edges of the lake and investigate things but Annie prefers to stay in the middle I think. LOL.

We'll go again when it's sunny next time.

After Karen and I went to see Deep Sea 3D. It was pretty good. There was this little shrimp/lobster thing that looks so cute! I liked its colours too. But I forgot what it is called.

Johnny Depp's voice is smexy.
Days like this I will treasure forever. Today I brought my grandpa to the Bloedel Conservatory at QE Park. He has never been there before. Spending time with my Grandpa makes me so happy. Seeing him smile makes me happier.

After dinner, we celebrated my birthday with a mango cake. Even Sunny had some. LOL.

Um I have such weird dreams lately. What's going on inside my head?

The night before:

There was some sort of Mad Hatter (Martin Short of all people) and I was with him in this wierd building that I don't remember about. But we had a map and if we say "Find Wonka" it would show the path through the building to where Willy Wonka was. So we followed it and Wonka (Johnny Depp of course) was in a stairwell. And we talked a bit. And the next day Wonka and I were together and waiting for the Hatter but he was late and Wonka suggested we leave without him. LOL. Weird. I think there were more parts to it but I forget everything when I wake up.

Last night:

I dreamt of large floating fetuses. XD

There was this rich old guy that owned a company that did some kind of cloning/bioengineering stuff. And they made this "clone" and it was a floating embryo. And it grew into a floating fetus. And it was big like a normal person size. They were doing experiments on it. And I think I was with some kind of opposition group. They said that the fetus had not was not "alive" like not like us. No cognitive thought or something. But we discovered it did. And we were pulling it along the air, running from the security, and I was hiding with it when the fetus grew into a person. It was a girl (young adult). And my teammate took her out of the building while I stalled the security personnel. But they KNEW my name! And they said they knew I skipped school and stuff and some other bizarre stuff. And suddenly I'm outside on the beach outside the building we were in. The girl apparently grew wings and was flying about. And the old man was just outside the entrance and she flew to him and called him "father" but the she'd shirk back when he tried to touch her (because of the experiments they did on her as a fetus I guess) and then I think the opposition took her away. And I woke up.

I'm messed up.
Yep I'm 21 today! And I feel so old. My eyesight is going, my joints are aching (my index finger is swollen for no apparent reason), and I'm losing my mind. And I haven't accomplished anything in these 21 years either. Twenty-one and still without a job. That is just sad.

I don't know if I can be able to do co-op. I might have too many credits already. I have to go see the advisor to plan my courses accordingly.

Anyways! Enough with the boo-hoo. *Feathers-of-Love drew me the most beautifullest picture one could ever receive on one's birthday. Go see it! [link] ^____^

Winnie invited me to go see a premier of Mission Impossible 3 with her. It was pretty good, I guess. Some lines were corny though. And the girl? Katie Holmes, that's all you need to know.
Yay! I'm off school! I finished my last exam yesterday and I have about two weeks before I start summer school.

And in that time I have to build a website for GK, draw pictures for Isopets and learn PHP. LOL.
Arrr. George got out again. Karen and I spent the last 30 minutes trying to catch her. We used sunflower seeds and oats as bait. She took it but everytime we'd make a move toward her she'd bolt under the couch. We finally managed to catch her when went under the table behind some books. Karen was on one side and I was on the other. No where to run except through our hands. She chose my side. And I GRABBED her! HAHAHAH!

At least for me.

The Canucks may not have got into the playoffs but they did end on a high note and won their last game in overtime. And the trio all scored in this game too! I hope everyone comes back next year. I'd sure hate to see some of the players be traded off. Well one can hope. Til next year Canucks.
Oh no! Canucks lost! ;_; Sharks won 5-3. Sob. Sob. They have one more game but they won't make the playoffs this year! Darn it. Well, who am I going to cheer for now?

Phew! I've just finished 3 finals in the last 3 days. I'm so tired of studying. And I probably didn't do too well either. Well, at least I can finally rest a bit. My next final is on the 21st. Matrix algebra then computer science on the 24th. Then I'm finally free!!!
Have I said how much I hate lab reports?! Well I do. A lot. Thank goodness it's the last one for the year. But I'll have to finish it first...if I ever do. I'll have to since it's due Friday. AEIAACH! I have THIS due and the cpsc lab assignment due AND 3 back to back finals to study for! EEEEE! Multivariable Calculus, Microbi lab techniques and biochemistry! How am I going to manage??? The 11th is mightly close. I've gotta cram like I've never cramed before.

In other news, I've been selected to be the Golden Key webmaster for 2006/07! Yay! Winnie and Vicki helped me with my interview. (THANK YOU!) I was the only candidate though. Hahah. It would have been sad if I didn't get it. I have so many plans to vamp up and completely redo their site. It's hideous right now. --->http://www.ubcgoldenkey.org/ You'd think you'd expect better for university as prestigous as UBC. I wonder who designed it?

I'll take a before-and-after screenshot after I finish the new site design. ^__^ I hope I live up to their expectations. I kind of gave them the impression that I am the best web designer in the world.... But I'm not... -_-; I've only made ONE crappy site about cats in highschool that's not uploaded on the web and an unfinished personal/art site that floating around on geocities since I don't like the design anymore.

Well it's very late right now. And I've got to finish my assignments tomorrow. See ya.