Phew! Gardening is hard work!...Especially if your garden is composed entirely of WEEDS! I only weeded one small side of the garden. The front and the right side is still unweeded. I started on the front but it was getting dark so I stopped.

It was a nice day to garden because it just stopped raining and but it was still cloudy so there wasn't as much sun out. The earth was nice and soft to dig in. I planted Freesia bulbs on the side. We only have white and blue colours. And I divided up some of the Mei's grass flower bulbs. There's still a whole bunch of them.

I can't wait to see the Freesia grow. I still have to plant the Dahlia bulbs. I have four. The question is where to put them. We have a lot of tulips, daffodils and dying rose bushes already occupying space. If it were up to me I would dig them all up and replant them.

I really should dig up all the bulbs in the fall so that I can replant them in the spring. That would also make weeding a lot easier. I'd just get a big shovel and bye bye weeds.
Odd. I seem to be missing a tetra. I can only count 5. Last time one of my goldfish went missing. No body was ever found...Seems like it is happening again.

And an Oto died on Sunday. My poor lonely Oto. He has such a big head.