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Oop so today I went to another icebreaker. This time for CGS. ANOTHER Chinese club. XD

I had a lab today and I was trying to finish it quickly but still I ended up using one and a half hours. So I was LATE! By the time I got there they everybody was inside and it was SO crowded! They wouldn't let me in at first. After I squished inside. Everybody was already divided into teams so I just stood there in the doorway for a while. Then I saw an empty chair so I took it. Turns out it was the team leader's chair. XD But she didn't mind.

They provided chips, pop and Timbits! I ate so much chips because I was so hungry! I didn't have breakfast and I didn't have lunch and it was 5:00 already! Oy.

We played some games for prizes but we always ended up in second place! So we didn't get any prizes. >:(

Afterwards they had the drawing of prizes. But I didn't win anything! These two girls won the PSP and iPod nano! :( After that everybody left. That was what they were they for anyways just for those two items. Hahaha!

After that I went to Karen's Yours icebreaker. And guess what?! She won a webcam! Yay! Then I ate pizza with her then went home. I should have taken another slice. I still have cravings. XD
I went to the CSA icebreaker today. What a waste of time. Those bozos just assume that we are Chinese that we can speak and understand it. The WHOLE time they were speaking Chinese not bothering to translate AND the games were in Chinese. I mean there was a Causasian guy there too! I mean have a little courtesey! They SAY that not just Chinese can join but they don't show that at all at the ice breaker. Well at least I got that pig pin cushion that Karen wanted. ;P

Mostly I just observed people. I'm not into talking. So there were these two girls that look so much like Karen's friends! Jeunessa and Christine! They have almost the exact same body types and faces! How weird!

There was also the Chinese version of PARIS HILTON! She didn't have the slimness but her face! It is almost uncanny how similar she looks to Paris. I think it's the nose.

Ok so they promised us free bubble tea and there were NO BUBBLES! >:( What a rip! Hehe some guy said "If you shake it there'll be bubbles" XDDD

The fondu wasn't really good either. The chocolate didn't solidify! Most of the cookies and stuff I took I pilfered for Karen. XD I'm always doing that. I don't get stuff for myself but for Karen. What can I say? I love my snugglypoo. Heehee.

Well one good thing came out of this, I guess. I met this girl that I talked to a lot. She took the same bus with me too. We exchanged phone numbers but what's the likelihood of me seeing or contacting her ever again? Zero to nil. XD
I think it's psychological. The more someone tells me to do something that I plan to do the FIRST time they told me, the more I DON'T want to do it. But of course I end up doing it anyways. I cringe everytime they say it AGAIN for the hundredth time. Sheesh! I'm not deaf! Saying it more just makes me want to not do it just to defy you. >>>:(

I'll have to see my psychologist about this...Winnie?
I'm such a copycat.
This is Aya.
A gift for someone at DA for catching my 3000th pageview.
Had a dream last night. I was like a sniper or something but I couldn't really shoot anything accurately so I was practicing shooting during my assignment. I was shooting at lights or something that the building used. Of course I got caught by the security guys which I shot at point blank but they wouldn't die! And it must have been in China because everyone was all Chinese. I managed to escape. Ran down the fire exit. But I didn't go all the way down because I anticipated they would be there before me so I left at one floor and stole an uniform and pretended to blend in. I think I escaped out the front because they caught some other dude. Heehee I'm an expert at acting nonchalent.
Oy. A week of school over already. I can tell it's going to be really hard this year. In MICB300 we have to make posters in GROUPS. AH!

Ahem. I going to do a double major! Both advisors signed my form. Dr. Ramey is so cute. I had to wait for him so long because he was on the phone with another student. I could tell he wanted to get off the phone. He kept telling the person to call some other prof that could help him. Poor Dr. Ramey.

Here's Bumble a character of mine. I should be reading!
Woo! First day! I love it.

Had only one class today but it was agonizingly long. One and a half hours is just too long! I felt so lonely at class since Annie's no longer in the same classes. Last year we had almost all classes together. But this year we parted ways. Sigh. Annie has moved on to higher things and I...didn't.

Annyways. I finished class at 11 and met up with Karen who finished at 9:30! Apparently all first year classes are cancelled so she only had one class too. So we went bumming around together waiting for the first year events to we can get free stuff. XDDD

It was worth the wait too. We got a whole bag full of stuff. Got a Frosh kit and a mug. Telus was there giving stuff out. I got a T-shirt and a cameleon plushie. Rice crakers, stickers of random things, Best Buy coupons, rootbeer float. XD So on and so forth.

Vicki says we're like vultures. Heehee. I agree.

I love first day.
Apparently my dad bought another digital camera. A Canon one. It's bigger than the Nikon we have now but it has like 10x zoom! And there is a image stabilizer. I haven't played with it enough to see what it can do but I think I like it. It's pretty sweet.

I also got new glasses today. We had to wait sooo long for Andrea to help us. She was occupied with these two old ladies. It was so funny because my mom went and bought some groceries while we were waiting but it was heavy so she but it on the ground and left it there in the LenseCrafter store. After a while some sales associates noticed the bag and thought it was a bomb! Hahahah! They were like "should we call security?" Lol. It was so funny.

Yeah so my new glasses is burgundy coloured and is smaller than my current one. Apparently small glasses are "in" right now.

Good thing I don't take chemistry anymore.
Michelle should know better than to leave me with a bag of candy. Especially gummybears. But especially any kind of candy. That I like to eat. Which is most candies.

It's all gone. The whole bag of gummies is gone. Devoured by Karen and I in a matter of 2 days. Thanks Michelley! They were delishious! Mmmm German gummybears.

OMGosh! There are only TWO days left! TWO days til school starts again! Oy.

I think I have to make an advising appointment with Dr. Ramey. He has to sign my double major application! I'm so afraid of him. It's the quiet types, you know. I think it's his eyes. And the silence. I can't take the silence!

So the girl I'm selling my textbooks to she says to save the bio201 book for her and she'll buy it next term! THe nerve! The deal was $100 for BOTH textbooks. I'm not going to SAVE it for her if I can sell it for a better price! I want $25 for my bio200 one too! >:(
My dad installed cable a few days ago. Now I have cable!!! Too many channels. Too much to watch! My brain is imploding! I've turned into a couch potato! Damn it! Why did he have to get it right when school is starting!?
I had an odd dream last night. It started with my friends and ended up something totally different. Ok so Karen and I were with Amy and Winnie then they decided to go to a car wash (Amy drove) so we decided to follow them (I drove). :P But then when we got there we didn't put the cars on the platform that would go down to the car wash but instead we tested it out for ourselves except we jumped back up when it started to go down. THEN the weird part. We started talking. I was talking to Winnie and told her I had a dream about her AND I told her about the carwash! I was telling her about a dream that I was dreaming at the moment! Weird huh?

Then afterwards it wasn't about my friends anymore. It was about these two people. Brother and sister. I think dragons killed their family and they go separated somehow. The brother became a warrior and killed thousands of dragons to avenge his family and rescue his sister who turns out also to be a warrior. The family's name is Dragonthane or something but the brother changed his name to Dragonbane or something because he killed so many dragons. There were other characters too like Philip. He was either a thief or an assasin type. He wore a bandana over his mouth but was very handsome and he always seemed to rescue the sister. I think he likes her and she him. Anyways it was a very interesting dream. Maybe I'll write a story about it one day.

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