Heehee they are not really called Ottomans. They are Otocinclus catfish! I bought two of them today. They are so cute! I really love their cute sucker lips. Heehee. They'll keep my tank clean of stupid algae. So now my clean up crew consists of them and Waldo.
Another one of my tetras died. It was gasping so I isolated it. It looked like it had 2 little bumps on its side. So now from 10, I'm down to 6 tetras.
Two other tetras became ill. I quickly isolated them but I don't know if it is going to help. I have read that once Neon Tetra Disease gets introduced into a tank it is very hard to get rid of. The others seem fine for now but the disease spreads by spores. Once a tetra consumes a spore it is infected. All my tetras are going to die! T_T