Happy Boxing Day everyone! I bought Minority Report and AI and the Kill Bill soundtrack from Futureshop. My dad, Karen and I lined up at A & B at 5:50 am. Hehehehehe. We woke up at 5:15. My mom said we were crazy. Hehehehe. But at least I got what I wanted. Poo. We also went to Superstore and bought socks and toilet paper!!!! Eehehheheh the best deal yet!
Merry Christmas everyone! Tomorrow Boxing Day shopping! Weee! It seems this year is a bit disorganized compared to others. I spent last night making my Dad's gift: a scarf. I didn't sleep until 4 in the morning. Sigh. That was because I was watching Two Towers. (We finally got it at Superstore!) I'm so excited about tomorrow. We're going to wake up at 5 and line up at A & B with my dad. He goes every year but this is the first for me. So excited!
I went to see Return of the King and it was so good...except for the last bit. I thought it should have a liiiiittle shorter... Just a little. Great movie nonetheless. Now to get the Two Tower gift set...and everything else...sob. I'm so broke.
Karen got me the Pirates soundtrack for Christmas! It's a REALLY SHORT soundtrack. But it's very good listening.

Oh and happy birthday Michelle!
Weeeheeeheeeheee! I got Pirates of the Caribbean!!!!! SOOOOOOO HHHAAAAPPPYYYY!!!!! ugh. too many exclamation marks. but what the hell...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's cause to celebrate! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A pirate's life for me! I got to get the soundtrack. I LOVE the theme.

Today I made progress in my search for a job. I gave away ONE resume!!!! (I know, it's sad.) At least I had the courage to approach the man. Pf. Looks like I'll be job-less again this month. I'll just volunteer somewhere.
Hey it's Annie's birthday! Happy Birthday Annie! I finished colourizing christmas present pic for my mum a few days back. It took me so long. But now I have the problem of printing it out. The file won't fit on a floppy. And if I try to print it online at either Futureshop or London Drugs I need a credit card. Eh so complicated.
Well I did go to the SPCA but there was this mean man there and he was horizontally well endowed. I hate him. Arg. He never once smiled. AND he was wearing a santa hat! He said I need to be with a parent to be in the small animal area. HELLO! I'm eighteen! How old do I have to be until I can go by myself? 20? What a stupid man.
Weeeee! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A pirate's life for meeeee! I'm done all my finals! I just had physics this morning. I'm so excruciatingly happy. Bleep bleep bloop bloop. I spent the rest of the day at the mall just walking around window shopping. I got to get a job. Tomorrow I'm going to the SPCA. Wheeee!
Whoot! Woot! I'm feeling so happy (despite the fact that I may have just flunked math and chem). I have only I more exam to go! Yesterday I had chem and math and today I had biology. The first exams started at 8:30 in the morning so I was so sleepy today. When I came home I slept for about 4 hours. I should be studying physics but I want to plaaaaay!
So DaVinci died today or maybe it was during the night. I buried him under our plum tree in the backyard. I can tell that Zip is saddened by the loss. He's not as active. I'm gonna study now. Tomorrow is the start of a long chain of finals. Yeesh.
Wee! It's December! Avant Calendar time! AND Pirates of the Caribbean is out tomorrow! Eeeeeeeee...Must.Go.Get.DVD...