Vancouver Canadians Food Tour at Nat Bailey Stadium

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd! On Monday, I was invited with a bunch of other food bloggers to participate in culinary tour at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium, home of our baseball team, the Vancouver Canadians. I was very excited because I've never been to a baseball game before!

The 'Nat' has been home to baseball in Vancouver for 62 years.

Once you enter Nat Bailey, you are in the main concourse where all the food is sold.

The chef at Nat Bailey's Stadium prepared a variety of foods available for purchase at the ballpark for us to try.
2 Foot Fungo Hot Dog
Ha this two foot long hot dog is an amusing sight. So long! I don't even know how to begin eating it! This outrageously ginormous hot dog is an all beef sausage, which you can top with the regular condiments: ketchup, mustard and chopped onions! Sure is fun to eat.

Bases Loaded Dog
The Bases Loaded Dog! This was my favourite out of all the items. It's loaded with meat sauce, cheese, and topped with CHIPS to give it that extra crunch! If had to chose one item to try, this would be it.

Seasoned BBQ Chicken
The seasoned BBQ Chicken is an item only available on the BBQ Picnic In The Park menu. This is an area is hosting events for groups of 30 to 400 guests. It was pretty good, flavourful and not too greasy.

I wasn't expecting sushi at the ballpark. Understandably it's not the best I've ever tasted but it's ok if you got a craving or need your belly filled, that is, if you haven't already filled up on the Fungo and Bases Loaded Dog. XD

Cracked Black Pepper Coleslaw
The coleslaw is pretty good as well. Usually I don't like coleslaw, it's either it is too sour or too much mayonnaise but I didn't mind this version. Crunchy with a slight peppery taste. Not too creamy, just the way I like it.

Mmm nachos! You can never go wrong with nachos! Mixed tortilla chips slathered with cheese sauce, sour cream, olives, hot peppers, tomatoes and guacamole. Yum!


There's lots more food available at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium including:
  • Homemade Corn Dogs
  • Wraps
  • Fresh Popped Popcorn
  • Chicken Strips
  • 'Nooner Burger (Only available during Noon games)
  • Veggie Dogs
  • Pizza
  • Giant Pretzels
  • Beer
  • Hard Lemonade
  • Snow cones
And the following are available only in the BBQ Picnic In The Park:
  • Red Nugget Potato Salad
  • Mixed Organic Green Salad
  • Cracked Black Pepper Coleslaw
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Seasoned BBQ Chicken
  • Bacon Cheeseburgers
  • Char Grilled Hot Dogs
  • Char Grilled Bratwurst Sausage
  • Freshly Baked Jumbo Cookie
Fun fact: In 2008, Nat Bailey Stadium was named by PETA one of the top 10 vegetarian friendly ballpack in North America!

 Buy me some peanuts...
 and Cracker Jacks...

Since I've never been here before, I did a little exploring around the stadium.

At one end is a small area that is the Bud Kerr Baseball Museum where you can find out about the history of the Vancouver Canadians.

Lots of old baseball memorabilia.

After the food tour, we were given complimentary tickets to the game. Vancouver Canadians versus the Eugene Emeralds. Yay! Go team!

It was a full house! This game was the Vancouver Canadians fourth consecutive sellout, and 11th in 19 home games!

There's the First Base BBQ in the background and beyond that is the Picnic in the Park area with the umbrellas.

Prior to game start, some kids in uniform joined the Vancouver Canadians on-field for the National Anthems. This is part of the Baseball Buddies program for youth teams! I think it's pretty cool that these kids get to experience what's it like standing in the field with a crowd in the stands.

First pitch at Vancouver Canadians baseball game was at 7:05pm.

I don't care if I never get back...

Let me root, root, root for the home team! Baseball is actually quite interesting to watch. Sure it's a slower pace than what hockey fans are use to but why must everything be rushed? It gives you time to visit the food stalls! It gets exciting when they start to have people on the bases. Come on, home run!!! 

If they don't win it's a shame...

And he's safe!

This guy was enjoying a Fungo in the stands! Looks a lot yummier than the sample we had with all the condiments on top!

It's not just the baseball that is entertaining, interspersed among the innings, they have little skits or dances, like the Canadians Honda car driving on field and...

THIS SPONTANEOUS SUSHI RACE! HAHAHA! Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT spontaneous but it was a surprise to me! The Canadians Sushi Races, have been around since 2008, and Ms. BC Roll, Mr. Kappa Maki and Chef Wasabi, the three Sushi Mascots, go head-to-head for sushi supremacy in the 4th inning.

Chef Wasabi won! Look at him strut around with that ribbon!

And these men dancing while they leveled off the field. Very fun to watch.

Bob Brown Bear, the C's official mascot came out to give high-fives and hugs to fans and he also led crowd in the Chicken dance and the singing of Take Me to the Ball Game!

Don't forget to purchase your 50/50 tickets! They are sold every game with half of the prize money donated to Baseball BC.

At each home game, there is a special promotion and this night was presented by the Vancouver International Airport. They gave away t-shirts to those who were cheering the loudest! It's worthwhile to get a schedule with the promotions on it (Download PDF here). There are sometimes giveaways for the x number of fans, bring your dog day is coming up on August 1st, and there are even fireworks nights!

Aahh. For it's one, Two, Three strikes you're out at the old ball game! Except the Vancouver Canadians didn't strike out, they won the game 4 - 2 over the Emeralds! My very first experience at the ballpark was an awesome one! The food was great, the game was exciting and entertaining to watch. It sure was a home run for me!

The next game is on Wednesday, July 31st and the first 1,000 fans get a Power to Baseball foam! Visit for more info about the Vancouver Canadians and to purchase tickets.

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Liquid_Independence said...

Spontaneous sushi race haha. Must killer to wear those outfits in the heat. How long did it take to upload all those images? Reminds me of the baseball software I worked on before. We had to fill the stadium with advertisements to make it look believable. Most graphics were licensed but we had some empty space left over so we made random signs and billboards :P

Jenny said...

Not long. I use Picasca and it resizes them smaller.

Ha random signs. Like what?