I can't believe I'm twenty.

I had a relatively quiet birthday. I went to work for my uncle. I had a headache. My mom bought me a mango ice cream cake. I wanted green tea but Karen likes mango so I said mango. Winnie and Vicki gave me Kill Bill 1 &2! And a Futureshop giftcard! They're so nice to me. Karen gave me a Starbucks giftcard so I can have my frappuccino. Heheh ^____^ She looooves me.
See I told you I'd put a background on it. What should I call it?
I just finished watching G.I. Jane. It's such a good movie. And Viggo Mortensen was in it!
Yay! For an early birthday present I recieved Bambi and Mulan DVDs. From my dad and my aunt. Heehee. And Karen got Mary Poppins, Van Helsing, and the Mummy. Yay! Lots of DVDs! Makes me happy.

Oh and I finished my taxes! Yay! Now to wait for the CIA or IRS or FBI people to come find me since I might have done it all wrong. It's my first time you know. My dad did it for me last year. I get $75 back! Yay!
Eee! And I just found out it's a FEMALE! What if it laid eggs?!
EEEEEE! Karen found a cockroach in our kitchen! EEEEEE! I'm so afraid now. We gotta move. NOW. I'm afraid. What if its got a nest somewhere? Karen trapped it under a cup. and we posted signs everywhere to warn our parents. EEEEEE! It kind of looks like this:
OMG! The econ exam was soo hard! It was ALL essay type questions and absolutely NO calculations! I BSed that entire exam! Shit. I probably failed it. Unless there is massive scaling. One can only hope.

Anyhoo. Yay! It's summer vacation! for two weeks. then it's back to school. Sigh.
Hmm. One more exam left. Eeecon. I don't want to study. I'm too depressed. I probably failed all my exams. sigh. Anyways. Here's two pics of the same people. I can't draw people. I need more practice and references! Sigh. These are for a friend. and her imaginary relationship with this guy called MICHAEL. Yes. Michael. Well, his name's actually Mark. But Michael sounds so much better! I like the second one better. She looks sort of like her. But then again I actually MADE it look like her. The other not so much. Needs tweeking. And the guy...well. It's up to her.
I'm so upset. Well. I'll be heading to my doom tomorrow. Wish me luck. Night.
Yep. I'm really screwed. Looks to me I'll be pulling an all nighter on wednesday. Stupid bio. Stupid chem.
I'm so SCREWED! Two days. Including today. Chem 211 and Bio. Stupid. chem and bio. Can't focus.

I'm hungry.
I wasted another day. Doing miscellaneous things. I should be studying bio. I hate it. I hate biology and chem. I hate it all. I don't want to be a doctor. Why do I have to do this?!

I think I'm going to add a background to this...AFTER finals.

Practicing. I can't draw people.
Kicking and more kicking. The fourteen mark question I didn't know how to do! AT ALL. I hope I don't fail. Stupid! Why didn't I put down benzene!? Stupid! Stupid!

3 to go.
Woo! One down four more to go! (But I'm kicking myself over some stupid mistakes >__<)
Eh. I'll probably go to bed soon. Tomorrow is the microbi final. I'm so not ready. I just don't want to study anymore. I'm tired. Tired of everything. I never pictured myself in working in a lab or as a doctor. It's all my family's want. I don't know what I want to do. Wish me luck tomorrow.

I don't know why I do these this. What a time waster. I should be studying microbi! The final's on Tuesday! Eeeee!!!!

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Counting down the days til finals. 5 more to go until hell.
Agh! I spent the whole two days doing NOTHING! I downloaded the Enterprise episode that I missed. Hee! Trip and T'pol. I love those two! I can't wait until "Bound." They're going to KISS! Yay!
Ah! Here some pics of that CUTE cousin I was talking about. Ok so this isn't a very good picture. But she IS adorable! She left yesterday. Went back to China. Why didn't I take more pictures?!