Oh for the love of peas. I come back and I get sick. Probably because all my cilia are dead from inhalation of all that cigarette smoke in Vegas. I had splitting headaches the last few days, runny nose and cough. But I think I'm getting better now. I slept a lot so I missed all the shopping not that I had any moola to spend anyways.

So it's new year's eve. I'd better come up with some resolutions.

1. Study first, play later.
Very good resolution to follow since if I don't get my act together and obtain a 75% average, I'll get kicked out of my programs!

2. Eat healthier.
Always good.

3. Exercise more.
Or begin exercising rather.

4. ...

Oh boy. I can't seem to think of any more. Well those are the most important ones anyways I think.
Ah so I'm back from my trip to Las Vegas! And after a day of rest yesterday, I'm finally ready to document my trip.

Dec 22
We left the house on the 22nd at 11am to pick up Ma downtown. We had a 2:00 flight on Philappine Airlines. When we got to the airport we waited SO LONG for Auntie Maria to come. It was like after 1 before she came. We were probably the LAST ones to check in. So we got separate seats. But thankfully I got a window seat. ;P

We took off at 2:35. I find it amusing that the planes line up to take off. Goodness! There were so many babies crying on the flight! One cries and the other cries louder! It's like they are in competition or something.

Well during the flight I ate a ham and cheese sandwich. They gave us a fruit cup too. Mmmm. I love plane food.

At 4:51 we landed at Vegas National Airport.

We apparently rented a car so we went to Budget to pick it up. Those bastards tricked us! The bill ended up $500 when it was supposed to be $300 or so. Apparently there was some 30% additional tax on it or something. Aunt Maria was very pissed. But anyways it was a Dodge Caravan. A crappy one at that. There are no lights in the back and we couldn't open any back windows and it smelled like smoke. Bah!

After that we just drove up and down the Strip. Sightseeing mostly. Lots of Ooos and Ahhs. Then we headed to our hotel. We were to stay at the Paris! It's a hotel with a mini Eiffel tower and it's 5 stars! So extravagant! I should have took a picture of our room but unfortunately I didn't. Two beds, desk, TV, mini-fridge, HUGE bathroom and paperthin walls. And they call it a 5 star hotel, I don't really see the difference. I guess the bathroom was bigger. There was a walk-in shower and a tub. Hehehe shower was a glass box. LOL.

We had dinner sort of across the street at the Victorian room somewhere. I don't exactly know where. I shared steamed vegatables and the Captain's platter with Karen. I didn't know it was all fried! Alas my pimples!

After dinner we went to the Bellagio. I like that hotel name. Bellagio. It just rolls off your tongue. When we walked through the casino, Ma played some 25 cent slots and won $1.25! Heheheh. Aunt Maria bet $15 on Blackjack and LOST. She thought she'd win some fast. It backfired on her. XD

We walked around the hotel and saw displays of bears made completely of flowers (white carnations), pinguins, ice crystals, beautifully decorated Christmas trees. After that we watched the Fountains of Bellagio. The water sprays up so high, like as high as the hotel! The water "dances" to the music of "Hallelujah". I love that song you know. It was all very beautiful. I wish we had another chance to watch it again. Next time.

Then we just walked around the stores in the Aladdin hotel. We bought a lot of water. For the entire trip the most items we bought was bottled water. We were always thirsty for some reason. There was a Las Vegas t-shirt I wanted to buy but I didn't! I thought "oh I'll come back" but I never did. :(

So that's it for the first day. Ended up sleeping at 1am. But tossed and turned in the bed. It seems I tend to migrate across to Karen's side of the bed and she couldn't sleep so she'd push me and I'd wake up and return to the other side. Rinse and repeat.

Dec 23

We woke up late the next day. We slept til 11 or so and didn't leave the hotel until close to 12. We went to the Wynn hotel for brunch. It's a relatively new hotel so it was very nice. We waited in line for little less than an hour for The Buffet. And OMGosh it was worth it. The buffet was SO BIG, selection good and there was a complete ROOM dedicated to DESSERTS. And for $19.95 it was a very good deal. I never had so much cocktail shrimp and lox in my life. Agh. I stuffed myself!

After a VERY filling meal, we went to MGM Grand to look at the lions! They have a glass enclosure where they release some lions for no longer than 6 hours a time. The habitat is very big and so nice. It has a waterfall and everything.

MGM has a whole family of lions; I think about 33 but they live elsewhere though. And they are related to the roaring lion in the movies. They released two female lions, Star and Sky into the habitat. Unfortunately my camera's not very good and I couldn't take nice pictures of them! So sad.

After we took the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay, the last hotel on the Strip, to visit the Shark Reef. It is an aquarium with 15 types of sharks! We had to hurry through it cause our parents waited outside for us. When we came out Aunt Maria was plucking Ma's eyebrows! *rolls eyes* So weird.

After we went through Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York quickly. We wanted to catch the 8:30 show "The Sirens of TI" at Treasure Island hence the rush. But when we got there the show was CLOSED for renovations! And it didn't reopen until the 25th AFTER WE LEFT! ;_; AHH! I was so disappointed! It was one of the things on my list to see! It was supposed to be a very good show too. Sigh. Again, next time.

So we went to the Mirage instead. We watched The Volcano at the Mirage. It was a volcano that erupted every 15 minutes. Very cool show. I wanted to go to the Mirage during the day because Sigfried and Roy's white bengal tigers live there. And I wanted to see their Secret paradise habitat where white lions and dolphins lived. But we didn't go. :(

Our last stop of the day was to the Venetian. A VERY beautiful hotel that had a indoor fake canal with gondolas and everything.

Then we had a late dinner at this Chinese restaurant. Wasn't very good though. They even forgot one of our orders!

Heh we ended up sleeping at 3am.

Dec 24

It was very frustrating to go anywhere with the adults so Karen and I woke up early in the morning and walked to the M&M Store by ourselves. HAHAHA! We even watched a free 3D show "I lost my M in Vegas" there! Four floors of M&M merchandise! It was very all exciting. I bought a t-shirt there. Heehee. Karen's dream was to go to the M&M store and she fulfilled it. Now it was my turn.

The Hilton! Home of the Star Trek Experience! Yep. I made everyone take me there. So we had brunch there. It was a very small buffet though and expensive. BUT. They had mini M&Ms and mini gummy bears! I was going to buy some at the M&M store but I thought I could buy them in Canada. So I was very pleased to see them at the buffet.

Hmm a lot of buffets at the hotels are just called The Buffet. Just an observation.

Yes so of course we pilfered some - er lots - of M&Ms. And crackers. It's so funny because we take a lot of crackers and candy, our parents take lots of fruits and makes US carry them in our backpacks!

Then we split up and Ba, Karen, Meighen and I went to the Star Trek Experience while Ma and Auntie Maria went shopping with Uncle Adrian. Ba didn't actually go in the Experience. He doesn't really like Star Trek so he stayed outside and played some slots.

Heehee we took a picture with some Ferrengi dude. There weren't a lot of pictures cause we weren't allowed to take pictures during the rides, BORG Invasion 4D and Klingon Encounter.

In Borg 4D we were the Doctor's test subjects. Apparently we have a rare DNA sequence that makes us resistant to Borg nanoprobes. I got assimilated and now I have nanoprobes swimming around in my bum. XDDD The queen said to give in I did. I was like "YES Perfection!" Heehee I'm such an easy target. Stupid Doctor told me to resist. Well we survived because Janeway saved us.

Klingon Encounter was very funny. The actors did a very good job! We were pulled into the future to the Enterprise by Klingons and one of us was apparently Picard's ancestor. So they had to send us back and we got on a shuttle and went on a ride. It was very fun. It reminded me of the Star Wars ride at Disneyland. I like this more because we could see out the ceiling of the shuttle too not just the front.

After the rides, we spent some time in the Star Trek store. I bought a cute t-shirt that says "get assimilated" and Karen got a cute vulcan keychain and a postcard of Tom Paris! XDDD She loves Tom. The t-shirt is a bit small though. AND it's a large size! The armholes are very big but the body of it is still small! That's just crazy. Las Vegas girls are crazily thin. Well. At least the show girls. :P

Meanwhile, Ba managed to win 15 nickels from the 5 cent slot! Hahaha!

After that we went to see Rick Thomas at Stardust! MAGIC SHOW with WHITE TIGERS! Yay! Again we weren't allowed to take pictures. It was an AMAZING show! I'd go again and again. Astounding! I wonder how he does his tricks?! I love his bird tricks. He made birds appear out of thin air! Haha! He hates birds though. He only keeps them because his mom wants him to. Isn't he such a good son? He had 3 white tigers (one of them was a baby) and 2 regular tigers. Yeah so if you ever go Las Vegas go to his show! It's cheaper than Cooperfield by A LOT and I guarantee that you'll love his show. It's funny and very entertaining. We got his autograph after the show too.

We then went to Rio for the seafood buffet. O-M-G. We had to wait to GET in the line for 3 freakin hours! Then we had to wait another half hour in the line to get in the restaurant. I was getting asphyxiated by all the smoke in the casino! I felt ill after. My cilia are probably all fried away. >>:(

When we FINALLY got in I had to eat lots of lobsters and king crabs (I don't particularly like them so much) so that it would be worth the $40 for the buffet. Oy. Too much seafood! The dessert was nice. I especially like the fruit cups! SOOO GOOD. We'd pick off the fruits and discard the custard. :P

Oy. We were SO STUFFED (2 buffets in a day is NOT a good idea) so we walked around in Ceasar's Palace. They have a BEAUTIFUL fountain there. Humph. Karen keeps taking overexposed photos of me at fountains. Anyways, there was also an aquarium there. During the day there are supposed to be live shows there of battles and fire and stuff for free. Again, we didn't have time to go.

Dec 25

Again Karen and I woke up early to go to the M&M Store. We had to exchange our t-shirts for larger ones. I took a lot of last minute photos of the hotels too. After we walked to Monte Carlo to take pictures. When we got back at 10:30 the sleeping beauties were just starting to wake up! >:( We could have stayed out a little longer! Pf! I helped us check out by TV!

So after everyone checked out, Aunt Maria wanted to see downtown Vegas. I actually slept most of the way there, I was so tired. We ended up eating lunch at The Buffet at Golden Nugget. It wasn't as extravagant as the buffets on the Strip but I managed to pilfer some cereal. Ha! And the adults took so much Mandarin oranges.

We had planned to go to Circus Circus after but the parking lot was SO FULL we had a hard time just getting out again. So we drove around a bit again to take some last minute photos. The picture of Treasure Island on the left I had to stitch 2 photos together to make it. After we decided to just go to the airport. We were so early that we got the entire row in the plane to ourselves. We had a 6:00 flight. So we had to wait a few hours. The adults made US eat the oranges THEY had pilfered! >>>:(

We took off at 6:35, landed at 8:50. During the flight I had roast beef/egg sandwich and slept most of the way back.

Yep so that's about it! Phew! What a long entry! My longest ever, but then again it did span 4 days.

Goodbye Las Vegas! I'll miss the hot-HOT water in the shower, the shows but good riddance to asphyxiation! That was the most used word during our trip. Asphyxiation. I must have gotten asphyxiated 100 times over! Heheh. Nethertheless, I DO want to go again. I must watch all the shows we missed! Karen and I plan to go alone one day WITHOUT the ADULTS for a week. That should be enough to see the things we want to see!

All in all I had a very good time. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Well for the brave souls who read ALL of this long boring spew of my trip, I commend you!
Hurray! My last exam was yesterday! I had such a hard time though. Not with the exam...well maybe a little. But I had a stomachache and I was seeing stars. I had to go to the washroom and I almost fainted! Of all the days to have intestinal problems...Yeah so I missed 15 minutes of my exam because of it. When I got back I was all woosey and couldn't focus! The TA was nice and supportive though, so was my prof. But I managed to get back on track and finished the exam. Phew!

I'm going to Vegas this morning! I'm sort of excited but part of me wants to stay home and watch TV since I only got off exams yesterday! Sigh. Anyways plan to take lots of pictures (with me in them hopefully - you know what I mean Winnie) and I'm definately going to go to the Star Trek Experience! Hahahah! I don't care that nobody else likes Star Trek. I do! Hahahah! Anyways I won't get back until late Christmas evening. So here's a Christmas pic for you all:
Oh THANK YOU GOD! I didn't fail the MICB322 final. I got 67.97%. It's on the low end but I PASSED! It is such a relief!
I had a dream I played for the Canucks. AND I scored a goal! Hahahaha! Yay my first time playing and I score a goal! Crawford was very happy. Hahaha! Ok I was pretending to be a guy and turns out there was some other girl pretending to be a guy too! She scored a goal too. Hee. After the game I went to the girl's change room (I don't think they have one in real life) because I was afraid that the guys and coach would find out that I was a girl and kick me out of the team. Well the other girl was there too and we found out each other's secret and she said it was a relief since she thought she was the only one. Heehee what a weird dream. But I scored a goal! I think I had an assist by Henrik Sedin but I'm not sure. Heh I don't even know the team we played against. But that doesn't matter I scored! Even if it is only a dream.

I'd like play hockey in real life. Eh? Eh? Eh? Any takers?
Oh sob! I failed yet another exam yesterday. It was so embarassing because my stomach was growling SO LOUDLY. The people sitting around me must have gotten annoyed. Ah but it's over so no use complaining about it. Just hope I passed.
I signed up for GoPets yesterday! Now I have a cute dog running around my desktop! Hehehhe.
Go and sign up! I'll add you as my friend!

Click here
Omgosh I don't know what's wrong with me! Why aren't I studying?! I wasted today doing absolutely nothing. And I only have two days left til the microbial ecology exam! I hate microbial ecology. It's so boring and the prof's boring too. Sigh. I'll really have to study tomorrow.

Ah so we ARE going! To Las Vegas. And we'll get back on the 25th so I WON'T miss my boxing day shopping! YAY! But I feel bad about going since my grandpa can't go! ;_;
Yay the parade of finals are finally slowing down. I have 3 days to study for micb300 and then it's cpsc on the 21st. The last! Woo. Finally a final that I am sort of sure I didn't fail.

Yesterday we went to the Sinclair centre to apply for passports. It's like no we're not going on vacation this year then yes we are then no we're not and then yes we are? maybe. XDDD
Ma woke us up like at 7:45 in the morning. It was too early. I had til 10 to sleep. But according to Ma it was faster to get our passports if we go in person. It ended up being the same amount of time anyways. 10 business days = the 28th of Dec. We're not going to get the new ones in time. But they said we can still use our old passports as long as we have sufficient ID. They don't expire til Feb but apparently there is some new law that requires a passport to be more than 3 months before expire to be valid but the guy said it isn't enforced yet. So we MAY go to Las Vegas with Auntie Maria and family on the 23rd? Nothing's for certain. But one thing's for sure if we go I'm going to miss my Boxing day shopping. ;_;

Look at my cute companions for the petsite I work for:


I'll kill you if you steal. :)

Oh did I mention we set up our Christmas tree?
Oy. I'm so sad. I already failed 2 exams. ;_;

Three more to go. :(
Humph! REALLY has gone too far.

What are fences and gates for? To keep people out! This morning my mom found the neighbour trying to CLIMB over our fence to get into the backyard! WTF! He jumped down when my mom opened the door. Turned out he wanted to borrow the hose or something. And that's not the first time, Karen saw him in our backyard some days ago.

People who climb over fences and "borrow" things without other's permission are called THEIVES! Those neighbours think they can do just anything! The NERVE! This isn't freakin China anymore! This is Canada and we don't tolerate this kind of behaviour. People like those give a bad name to Chinese people. And right now I'm ashamed to be associated with them.

I really want to report them.
My neighbour's gone too far this time! First they move in with their noisy screaming kids, then they steal my mom's prized plant (we don't exactly have any evidence that they did it but they are gardeners, I mean who else would steal a plant?!), then they rent out their house to SO MANY people they had to add a washing machine OUTSIDE and all the soapy water goes into OUR garden. After we confronted them they made it go down the storm drain! Talk about environmentally unfriendly! NOW they are digging up their basement to build another room (which is illegal btw). There is a MOUNTAIN of dirt in their backyard now. They are law breakers and I don't like them. I hope they get caught. >:(
I was on the bus today and it was very crowded and everyone took off their backpacks to make room for other people except this girl! She pretended to act oblivious to what was going on around her. For crying out loud is it so hard to take your pack off when the bus is obviously crowded and there are still people wanting to get on?! Hah but she got what was coming to her. She didn't get a seat. Instant karma, people. Instant karma.
WOOOO! Canucks won against the Red Wings breaking their road winning streak! Wooo! Bertuzzi was on fire tonight! Aww man, I wish I could have been there. It was such a good game!
Hmm making a GUI for a mp3 player is harder than I thought! But I must admit I'm very excited about this assignment.
Remember to wear a poppy on Remembrance day...
My voice is sore. I was volunteering at GM place today. Canucks LOST! *sob* They aren't suppose to lose at home! We actually got seats this time. But they were the worst seats in the house. You can't go any further up! Heheh. But the game was exciting anyways dispite the outcome.

After I went with Winnie and Amy for bubbletea on Victoria. We played card games and talked. Heheh. I had no money so I had to borrow Winnie's but then we didn't have enough to tip the guy! We only gave him less than half the tip! So we ran out of the place hehehe. Yeah I had a lot of fun. I haven't spent time with them for so long.
Another lab done...I hope I finished everything that I needed to do...O_o I should have double checked!

Anyways, I'm so excited about tomorrow! I'm volunteering at GM place selling 50/50 tickets! Yay GO CANUCKS!
I feel so listless today I don't know why. I don't feel like reading my lab manual even though I have the micb lab tomorrow. I hate it. I hate it. I hate life, I hate school, I hate myself. I'm pathetic. And I'm pathetic saying I'm pathetic. Everyday I seem to be just waiting for the weekend and when that is over, it begins again. I'm always looking forward to the next day never enjoying today.

Today I managed to catch up on all my cpsc121 labs. Yay! I should read and prepare before the lab.

Also went to a business communication workshop on impromtu speaking. I thought it was pretty useful but the problem for me is coming up with examples from my life. I seem to have misplaced all my memories... If that group exercise was an interview, I'd would have FAILED them both. Sigh.
Ah! It's so sad we lost the hockey game last night! And Cloutier got bowled over and hurt! >:( Poor Clouts!
I hate group projects so much! >>>>:(
I dreamt that my mom enrolled Karen in Military School. The Marines. She walked up the stairs in her spiffy uniform and I felt so jealeous. I wanted to join too. I wanted an uniform! I asked her why the Marines? If I were her I'd join the Air Force!

Which is true. I always wanted to be a pilot but I have glasses so I don't think they let people with glasses be fighter pilots. Sigh.

There was another dream following that but I forgot what it was! Darn it! It was interesting, too!
Happy Birthday Ma!
Coloured with sparkley pens.
I feel like a bumbling buffoon in the lab. And I probably am.
Computer Mouse
Oop so today I went to another icebreaker. This time for CGS. ANOTHER Chinese club. XD

I had a lab today and I was trying to finish it quickly but still I ended up using one and a half hours. So I was LATE! By the time I got there they everybody was inside and it was SO crowded! They wouldn't let me in at first. After I squished inside. Everybody was already divided into teams so I just stood there in the doorway for a while. Then I saw an empty chair so I took it. Turns out it was the team leader's chair. XD But she didn't mind.

They provided chips, pop and Timbits! I ate so much chips because I was so hungry! I didn't have breakfast and I didn't have lunch and it was 5:00 already! Oy.

We played some games for prizes but we always ended up in second place! So we didn't get any prizes. >:(

Afterwards they had the drawing of prizes. But I didn't win anything! These two girls won the PSP and iPod nano! :( After that everybody left. That was what they were they for anyways just for those two items. Hahaha!

After that I went to Karen's Yours icebreaker. And guess what?! She won a webcam! Yay! Then I ate pizza with her then went home. I should have taken another slice. I still have cravings. XD
I went to the CSA icebreaker today. What a waste of time. Those bozos just assume that we are Chinese that we can speak and understand it. The WHOLE time they were speaking Chinese not bothering to translate AND the games were in Chinese. I mean there was a Causasian guy there too! I mean have a little courtesey! They SAY that not just Chinese can join but they don't show that at all at the ice breaker. Well at least I got that pig pin cushion that Karen wanted. ;P

Mostly I just observed people. I'm not into talking. So there were these two girls that look so much like Karen's friends! Jeunessa and Christine! They have almost the exact same body types and faces! How weird!

There was also the Chinese version of PARIS HILTON! She didn't have the slimness but her face! It is almost uncanny how similar she looks to Paris. I think it's the nose.

Ok so they promised us free bubble tea and there were NO BUBBLES! >:( What a rip! Hehe some guy said "If you shake it there'll be bubbles" XDDD

The fondu wasn't really good either. The chocolate didn't solidify! Most of the cookies and stuff I took I pilfered for Karen. XD I'm always doing that. I don't get stuff for myself but for Karen. What can I say? I love my snugglypoo. Heehee.

Well one good thing came out of this, I guess. I met this girl that I talked to a lot. She took the same bus with me too. We exchanged phone numbers but what's the likelihood of me seeing or contacting her ever again? Zero to nil. XD
I think it's psychological. The more someone tells me to do something that I plan to do the FIRST time they told me, the more I DON'T want to do it. But of course I end up doing it anyways. I cringe everytime they say it AGAIN for the hundredth time. Sheesh! I'm not deaf! Saying it more just makes me want to not do it just to defy you. >>>:(

I'll have to see my psychologist about this...Winnie?
I'm such a copycat.
This is Aya.
A gift for someone at DA for catching my 3000th pageview.
Had a dream last night. I was like a sniper or something but I couldn't really shoot anything accurately so I was practicing shooting during my assignment. I was shooting at lights or something that the building used. Of course I got caught by the security guys which I shot at point blank but they wouldn't die! And it must have been in China because everyone was all Chinese. I managed to escape. Ran down the fire exit. But I didn't go all the way down because I anticipated they would be there before me so I left at one floor and stole an uniform and pretended to blend in. I think I escaped out the front because they caught some other dude. Heehee I'm an expert at acting nonchalent.
Oy. A week of school over already. I can tell it's going to be really hard this year. In MICB300 we have to make posters in GROUPS. AH!

Ahem. I going to do a double major! Both advisors signed my form. Dr. Ramey is so cute. I had to wait for him so long because he was on the phone with another student. I could tell he wanted to get off the phone. He kept telling the person to call some other prof that could help him. Poor Dr. Ramey.

Here's Bumble a character of mine. I should be reading!
Woo! First day! I love it.

Had only one class today but it was agonizingly long. One and a half hours is just too long! I felt so lonely at class since Annie's no longer in the same classes. Last year we had almost all classes together. But this year we parted ways. Sigh. Annie has moved on to higher things and I...didn't.

Annyways. I finished class at 11 and met up with Karen who finished at 9:30! Apparently all first year classes are cancelled so she only had one class too. So we went bumming around together waiting for the first year events to start...so we can get free stuff. XDDD

It was worth the wait too. We got a whole bag full of stuff. Got a Frosh kit and a mug. Telus was there giving stuff out. I got a T-shirt and a cameleon plushie. Rice crakers, stickers of random things, Best Buy coupons, rootbeer float. XD So on and so forth.

Vicki says we're like vultures. Heehee. I agree.

I love first day.
Apparently my dad bought another digital camera. A Canon one. It's bigger than the Nikon we have now but it has like 10x zoom! And there is a image stabilizer. I haven't played with it enough to see what it can do but I think I like it. It's pretty sweet.

I also got new glasses today. We had to wait sooo long for Andrea to help us. She was occupied with these two old ladies. It was so funny because my mom went and bought some groceries while we were waiting but it was heavy so she but it on the ground and left it there in the LenseCrafter store. After a while some sales associates noticed the bag and thought it was a bomb! Hahahah! They were like "should we call security?" Lol. It was so funny.

Yeah so my new glasses is burgundy coloured and is smaller than my current one. Apparently small glasses are "in" right now.

Good thing I don't take chemistry anymore.
Michelle should know better than to leave me with a bag of candy. Especially gummybears. But especially any kind of candy. That I like to eat. Which is most candies.

It's all gone. The whole bag of gummies is gone. Devoured by Karen and I in a matter of 2 days. Thanks Michelley! They were delishious! Mmmm German gummybears.

OMGosh! There are only TWO days left! TWO days til school starts again! Oy.

I think I have to make an advising appointment with Dr. Ramey. He has to sign my double major application! I'm so afraid of him. It's the quiet types, you know. I think it's his eyes. And the silence. I can't take the silence!

So the girl I'm selling my textbooks to she says to save the bio201 book for her and she'll buy it next term! THe nerve! The deal was $100 for BOTH textbooks. I'm not going to SAVE it for her if I can sell it for a better price! I want $25 for my bio200 one too! >:(
My dad installed cable a few days ago. Now I have cable!!! Too many channels. Too much to watch! My brain is imploding! I've turned into a couch potato! Damn it! Why did he have to get it right when school is starting!?
I had an odd dream last night. It started with my friends and ended up something totally different. Ok so Karen and I were with Amy and Winnie then they decided to go to a car wash (Amy drove) so we decided to follow them (I drove). :P But then when we got there we didn't put the cars on the platform that would go down to the car wash but instead we tested it out for ourselves except we jumped back up when it started to go down. THEN the weird part. We started talking. I was talking to Winnie and told her I had a dream about her AND I told her about the carwash! I was telling her about a dream that I was dreaming at the moment! Weird huh?

Then afterwards it wasn't about my friends anymore. It was about these two people. Brother and sister. I think dragons killed their family and they go separated somehow. The brother became a warrior and killed thousands of dragons to avenge his family and rescue his sister who turns out also to be a warrior. The family's name is Dragonthane or something but the brother changed his name to Dragonbane or something because he killed so many dragons. There were other characters too like Philip. He was either a thief or an assasin type. He wore a bandana over his mouth but was very handsome and he always seemed to rescue the sister. I think he likes her and she him. Anyways it was a very interesting dream. Maybe I'll write a story about it one day.

This egg hatches on September 25, 2005! Adopt one today!This egg hatches on September 25, 2005! Adopt one today!

Motorcross Championship @ PNE
I went to PNE today with Karen, Gong and Meighen. Gong had fun at the casino. He won $70 playing blackjack. Heheh. The woman dealer kept going over 21. We went off to play some games but there weren't any prizes worthy of getting so we didn't play anything. We ended up watching a motorcross championship tournament. I thought it was pretty cool. I took a lot of pictures of them. The youngest was 17, I think. He's pretty hot looking too. Too bad he's too young. XDDD I didn't get a pic of him though. I forgot to but I got his autograph execpt I don't remember which one it is. I'll post a scan of the autographs later. It's so sad. I only had a small blank piece of paper for them to sign on. I should have gotten a PNE pamphlet. Karen had hers and they signed it on that.

This year we didn't go to too many places. We didn't even see the Superdogs! We stayed to watch a cooking show instead. And we didn't get enough time to walk around the Marketplace. Oh well. Heheh Gong made us eat a lot of stuff. He bought popsicles and ice cream and hot dogs for us. Oy. My thighs.
The world is MINE - Sunny
Oh boy. My dad cleaned up the tv area and now the Incredibles is gone! Argh! This is the fourth DVD he's lost! >>:(

Anywoo, I've been drawing for Isopets. But I don't think I'm drawing fast enough. I'm doing shopkeepers. But from what I've seen from the previews. It's pretty sweet. Make sure to join when it opens! Or the flying potatoes of doom will get you.
Flowers at QE Park
>>>>:( DAMN mosquitoes!!!!!!!!! I'll KILL them ALL. I got bitten by a mosquito the night before and now both my hands are swollen!. I'm like finger typing right now. Oh WHY did it have to bite me on my DRAWING HAND?!! :(

Yeah so that night I woke up at 4 in the morning when it was biting me. I hind under the covers but it got too hot and I had to come up for air. And I heard its buzzing so I got fed up and went downstairs to sleep. Still can't find that soon-to-be-DEAD mosquito. ARHG! I shake my fist at you! if I could.
Woo! I am IN the Microbi and Immunology program! Now I have to contact the compsci advisor and tell him I'm in. But yay. My schedule's all messed up now.
George et Lenny - Bedtime

Insanity Test
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Heheheh turns out that I AM crazy.
Today I went to Best Buy with Karen. She had just finished writing her chem exam. She said she didn't do very well though. :( Poor Karen. Yeah so we went to BB to use our $5 coupons! Heehee! But I'd bought everything I'd wanted at Futureshop! So I ended up getting Coyote Ugly and Karen got some CD. After that we just went home. I continued to read The Da Vinci Code. It's very interesting and thrilling to read. I like it. I stayed up til 3 yesterday reading it. LOL. My mum's gonna kill me if she finds out. But anyways I think the Mona Lisa is very scary looking. She ALWAYS LOOKS AT YOU! If some person on the street stared at you like that with THAT continual smile?! I'd call the police. I don't get why people say she's pretty. Crazy people. (I mean no offense though. People are entitled to their own opinions)

So tonight we went to all-you-can-eat sushi. We ordered so much masago. Well, actually Karen ate most of it. We ordered a lot of jello too. But after 7 came in a row, Ma "helped" us eat some, much to the dismay of Karen. She claimed Ma stole her jello. LOL. Then she wouldn't let us order anymore >:( But this is the first time with all-you-can-eat sushi with Auntie Maria that we DIDN'T have to stuff ourselves (much) and secretly throw things away in the bathroom. Of course there were the OCCASIONAL rice that ACCIDENTALLY on purpose we had to throw them away...under the bowls. Eh-hem.

After that we went to night market. Karen and I bought a yellow Beckham coat for Sunny! Heeheehee! He'll look to cute in it. I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow. Hahaha.

Oh and I didn't fail Bio335 but I didn't get a very good grade at all. 68 I think. I think I'm getting into the Microbi program though! Dr. Ramey e-mailed me today and said I was at the top of the waiting list and there are spots available! Yay! (and AUGH!)
EEEEEWWWW! Karen trapped a fly in her room with some tape and it started spitting out maggots out of its butt! EEEEEWWWW! They are all wriggling around in the tape. They are fascinating yet disgusting to watch at the same time.
I was applying for an artist for a petsite these last few days and today I found out I got accepted! Woohoo! The people there are so nice and friendly. Go visit the temp forum! The goal is to become the best petsite EVER. Even better than Neopets. Yes. Neopets is going DOWN! Woo!

Ugh! Today I had to work at my uncle's again. He needed a lot of help so I went. Guilt trip. But not tomorrow! Karen has me booked. I think I'm going to Best Buy and using ma $5 coupon. Woo! What should I buy?!
Damn it George! She got out AGAIN. This time she pushed away the folder I have on top of the aquarium and escaped. But I found her again. Phew! She was climbing out of the dishwasher was I saw her. But then she ran under the stove. Took like half an hour to get her. I had to lay on my belly and use a flywacker to get her. Stupid! I'll make sure she NEVER gets out again. >.<
Oy. George got out of the cage last night. I spent the entire morning searching for her. FORTUNATELY I found her. She was in the door of the dishwasher! I had to unscrew the door to get to her but YES I caught her! Stupid mouse is going to be the death of me. Luckily she didn't go inside the walls of the house. O_O Otherwise I'd be in BIG trouble. Phew!
Sept13 -Finished
August 23 -
Done most of the shading on Bast, still hilights todo
Most of the flooring is done and improved the wall

August 14 -
I've started shading and background. I'm so frustrated. I hate doing backgrounds. I always spend so much time staring at the computer trying to think of the best way to do it. I think too much.

August 11 -
Done the basic colouring.

Bast - in progress
Done the preliminary sketches and started outlining.
An old pic at the Anthropology Museum @ UBC
I went to the fireworks yesterday! It was China. I had so much fun! I would bring a bigger umbrella next time. It was so hot and we had to walk so far. When we got there we took so much space. We had a lot of mats and I had my picnic blanket and we put them over the sand. People would kick sand onto them occasionally though. We were positioned right in front of the boat where they were going to blow up the fireworks.

After we got settled we ate stuff and played games. Annie suggested we play Old Maid. She was reading the instructions but nobody was really listening. And we said she was speaking Korean. Hahahh! Eventually we played it. You know it is so hard to play old maid with 6 people. It takes so long before everyone gets the pairs. And you know what? ANNIE ended up as the Old Maid! HAHAHAH!

We play Uno after that but everyone were confused by the rules and there was a lot of yelling. I had fun though. I'd like to play it again even though they said never again. Heehee.

Some things that annoyed me yesterday was that some people close to us were smoking weed! O-M-G. I was so angry. I was looking for the police. But they did come so I just gave them dirty looks...at their backs. I was going to take incriminating photos and send them to the police. X:( Then after when the fireworks started this person in front of us was waving around her glowy stick thing! I wanted to throw things as her. She was just holding it up. It was RUINING ALL MY PHOTOS! I'll kill her. Again dirty looks at her back. People these days.

It was very crowded after the fireworks. I heard today that someone was stabbed too. That was why the ambulance I saw was there. If my mom finds out I'll never be able to go again. But I don't particularly want to. It's too hot and people are too rude. When we were leaving with the crowd, this girl was saying, to no one in particular, something about moving and stupid people. I replied back "Well guess what? You're part of the stupid people too!" I don't think she heard me though. Hahahha. Yeah I had fun.

A Night of Fireworks - China

Art from Paintchat @ Artgrounds