I haven't written down anything for a time now. I always think of things to write down during the day but I forget it afterwards.

I guess I was probably just going to complain about my life and how I need to get off my lazy bum and DO SOMETHING. Whatever.

Heh. I started playing tamagochi again. So boring. But I want to make one of my own. Program one. Should I use Java or Flash? ...I was thinking on the bus today. tamago is egg in Japanese? And I don't know what 'chi' is but I'm guess little. Hahah. Cute. Tamago-chi. I never realized that.

List of things todo:

-GK website
-personal website
-learn PHP, SQL
-make Tamagochi-like program
-Flash actionscript
The Oilers lost. :(

I had hoped they'd win. They went so far!

I found out about it in Stats today. Heheh. My prof was like "Albertans, you can't trust them. They say they're gonna do it but they don't." He's halarious! I really enjoy his class.
Karen's making brownies. ^____^
I signed up for a four week beginners' tennis course today. Annie talked me into it.

It was pretty fun actually and I don't regret it at all. But oy. My arm is sore. Especially my wrist. I am such a poor learner. :(

Oh! It's the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year! Freaky.