Motorcross Championship @ PNE
I went to PNE today with Karen, Gong and Meighen. Gong had fun at the casino. He won $70 playing blackjack. Heheh. The woman dealer kept going over 21. We went off to play some games but there weren't any prizes worthy of getting so we didn't play anything. We ended up watching a motorcross championship tournament. I thought it was pretty cool. I took a lot of pictures of them. The youngest was 17, I think. He's pretty hot looking too. Too bad he's too young. XDDD I didn't get a pic of him though. I forgot to but I got his autograph execpt I don't remember which one it is. I'll post a scan of the autographs later. It's so sad. I only had a small blank piece of paper for them to sign on. I should have gotten a PNE pamphlet. Karen had hers and they signed it on that.

This year we didn't go to too many places. We didn't even see the Superdogs! We stayed to watch a cooking show instead. And we didn't get enough time to walk around the Marketplace. Oh well. Heheh Gong made us eat a lot of stuff. He bought popsicles and ice cream and hot dogs for us. Oy. My thighs.
The world is MINE - Sunny
Oh boy. My dad cleaned up the tv area and now the Incredibles is gone! Argh! This is the fourth DVD he's lost! >>:(

Anywoo, I've been drawing for Isopets. But I don't think I'm drawing fast enough. I'm doing shopkeepers. But from what I've seen from the previews. It's pretty sweet. Make sure to join when it opens! Or the flying potatoes of doom will get you.
Flowers at QE Park
>>>>:( DAMN mosquitoes!!!!!!!!! I'll KILL them ALL. I got bitten by a mosquito the night before and now both my hands are swollen!. I'm like finger typing right now. Oh WHY did it have to bite me on my DRAWING HAND?!! :(

Yeah so that night I woke up at 4 in the morning when it was biting me. I hind under the covers but it got too hot and I had to come up for air. And I heard its buzzing so I got fed up and went downstairs to sleep. Still can't find that soon-to-be-DEAD mosquito. ARHG! I shake my fist at you! if I could.
Woo! I am IN the Microbi and Immunology program! Now I have to contact the compsci advisor and tell him I'm in. But yay. My schedule's all messed up now.
George et Lenny - Bedtime

Insanity Test
Your problem is Obsessive Compulsive behaviour
Will you ever be cured? (8) - It is decidedly so. - (8)
Just how crazy are you? - 81%
This cool quiz by insanitydefense - Taken 763707 Times.

Heheheh turns out that I AM crazy.
Today I went to Best Buy with Karen. She had just finished writing her chem exam. She said she didn't do very well though. :( Poor Karen. Yeah so we went to BB to use our $5 coupons! Heehee! But I'd bought everything I'd wanted at Futureshop! So I ended up getting Coyote Ugly and Karen got some CD. After that we just went home. I continued to read The Da Vinci Code. It's very interesting and thrilling to read. I like it. I stayed up til 3 yesterday reading it. LOL. My mum's gonna kill me if she finds out. But anyways I think the Mona Lisa is very scary looking. She ALWAYS LOOKS AT YOU! If some person on the street stared at you like that with THAT continual smile?! I'd call the police. I don't get why people say she's pretty. Crazy people. (I mean no offense though. People are entitled to their own opinions)

So tonight we went to all-you-can-eat sushi. We ordered so much masago. Well, actually Karen ate most of it. We ordered a lot of jello too. But after 7 came in a row, Ma "helped" us eat some, much to the dismay of Karen. She claimed Ma stole her jello. LOL. Then she wouldn't let us order anymore >:( But this is the first time with all-you-can-eat sushi with Auntie Maria that we DIDN'T have to stuff ourselves (much) and secretly throw things away in the bathroom. Of course there were the OCCASIONAL rice that ACCIDENTALLY on purpose we had to throw them away...under the bowls. Eh-hem.

After that we went to night market. Karen and I bought a yellow Beckham coat for Sunny! Heeheehee! He'll look to cute in it. I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow. Hahaha.

Oh and I didn't fail Bio335 but I didn't get a very good grade at all. 68 I think. I think I'm getting into the Microbi program though! Dr. Ramey e-mailed me today and said I was at the top of the waiting list and there are spots available! Yay! (and AUGH!)
EEEEEWWWW! Karen trapped a fly in her room with some tape and it started spitting out maggots out of its butt! EEEEEWWWW! They are all wriggling around in the tape. They are fascinating yet disgusting to watch at the same time.
I was applying for an artist for a petsite these last few days and today I found out I got accepted! Woohoo! The people there are so nice and friendly. Go visit the temp forum! The goal is to become the best petsite EVER. Even better than Neopets. Yes. Neopets is going DOWN! Woo!

Ugh! Today I had to work at my uncle's again. He needed a lot of help so I went. Guilt trip. But not tomorrow! Karen has me booked. I think I'm going to Best Buy and using ma $5 coupon. Woo! What should I buy?!
Damn it George! She got out AGAIN. This time she pushed away the folder I have on top of the aquarium and escaped. But I found her again. Phew! She was climbing out of the dishwasher was I saw her. But then she ran under the stove. Took like half an hour to get her. I had to lay on my belly and use a flywacker to get her. Stupid! I'll make sure she NEVER gets out again. >.<
Oy. George got out of the cage last night. I spent the entire morning searching for her. FORTUNATELY I found her. She was in the door of the dishwasher! I had to unscrew the door to get to her but YES I caught her! Stupid mouse is going to be the death of me. Luckily she didn't go inside the walls of the house. O_O Otherwise I'd be in BIG trouble. Phew!
Sept13 -Finished
August 23 -
Done most of the shading on Bast, still hilights todo
Most of the flooring is done and improved the wall

August 14 -
I've started shading and background. I'm so frustrated. I hate doing backgrounds. I always spend so much time staring at the computer trying to think of the best way to do it. I think too much.

August 11 -
Done the basic colouring.

Bast - in progress
Done the preliminary sketches and started outlining.
An old pic at the Anthropology Museum @ UBC
I went to the fireworks yesterday! It was China. I had so much fun! I would bring a bigger umbrella next time. It was so hot and we had to walk so far. When we got there we took so much space. We had a lot of mats and I had my picnic blanket and we put them over the sand. People would kick sand onto them occasionally though. We were positioned right in front of the boat where they were going to blow up the fireworks.

After we got settled we ate stuff and played games. Annie suggested we play Old Maid. She was reading the instructions but nobody was really listening. And we said she was speaking Korean. Hahahh! Eventually we played it. You know it is so hard to play old maid with 6 people. It takes so long before everyone gets the pairs. And you know what? ANNIE ended up as the Old Maid! HAHAHAH!

We play Uno after that but everyone were confused by the rules and there was a lot of yelling. I had fun though. I'd like to play it again even though they said never again. Heehee.

Some things that annoyed me yesterday was that some people close to us were smoking weed! O-M-G. I was so angry. I was looking for the police. But they did come so I just gave them dirty their backs. I was going to take incriminating photos and send them to the police. X:( Then after when the fireworks started this person in front of us was waving around her glowy stick thing! I wanted to throw things as her. She was just holding it up. It was RUINING ALL MY PHOTOS! I'll kill her. Again dirty looks at her back. People these days.

It was very crowded after the fireworks. I heard today that someone was stabbed too. That was why the ambulance I saw was there. If my mom finds out I'll never be able to go again. But I don't particularly want to. It's too hot and people are too rude. When we were leaving with the crowd, this girl was saying, to no one in particular, something about moving and stupid people. I replied back "Well guess what? You're part of the stupid people too!" I don't think she heard me though. Hahahha. Yeah I had fun.

A Night of Fireworks - China

Art from Paintchat @ Artgrounds
I joined a paintchat community or something today. It's fun to draw with other people. I drew that blue lion to complement the pink one. Heehee.
Woo! After a week of no Internet, my dad has finally fixed it! YAY! I am SO HAPPY! I don't like not having Internet. I don't like dialup either. It's too slow!

Oh and I think I failed my Bio exam! :(