AIEEEEE! Internet's not working! *hyperventilates* Thank goodness that my dad hooked the modem back up. But it's so slooooow. Stupid Telus.

Besides the internet going kablooey, the bio335 final is on FRIDAY!!! EEEEE! You can probably tell that I'm not ready. Not one bit. I have to read 3 chapters tomorrow. To catch up. Oy.
Ah stupid Internet was down yesterday. So I went to Best Buy again yesterday. The lineup was so long it went across the street! I was on the other side of the street so when I finally got inside the store to get that mp3 player they were all gone. It was a grabbing frenzy in that area. I was too late. :( BUT I hung around for a while then went outside to get freebies for Karen. She wanted some good pens and a lanyard. And then these employees with a megaphone called out "Who wants to win a Kodak camera?!" So I stepped up. They only accepted four people and I was one of them. They put the box on the curb and gave us each a BestBuy plushie. The deal was that who ever throws it closest to the box wins the camera. I was the second to throw it. AND GUESS WHAT?! I WON THE CAMERA!!!!!!! There was a wind so I threw it harder than usual. And I'm such a bad aimer anyways. I didn't expect to win! Actually if I were judging, the last guy who threw it should have won. Mine hit the curb and bounced off to the side while his landed in front of the box but closer than my rebound. But who am I to complain?! I'm so happy. Well. I have mixed feelings since I wanted the mp3 player instead. But a camera is better than nothing! :)
Awefully Similar Hair
(Also I'm so fat)
Riveted On A Bird
My grandpa caught a chickadee yesterday. It flew into our balcony room and it tried to fly out through the skylight. It kept banging it's head on the skylight and it's head was all bloodied. When I scooped it up from the ground it didn't even struggle. Now it's in a cage. I want to let it go but I don't think my grandpa wants to. He likes birds. But I know what he really wants is a canary. He used to raise them and he had a few hundred back in China. But I know my mom is not going to let him have a bird she barely tolerates Sunny and the mice.

I went to Best Buy today. Yesterday the Black Eyed Peas were there but I couldn't go cause I had school but Karen went. I went today. There were still a few stuff going on. I took pictures with Darth Vader, Zelda and this flamingo woman. Vader was threatening to kill me. He was strangling me and signing to me a message that he's going to cut my head off. :P I got a few freebies too. Mostly useless junk though. I spent most of my time there playing bongo drums at the Nintendo play station. I might go again tomorrow. I didn't get what I wanted today. I might buy Doom3 and Prince of Persia 2 and I also want a mp3 player. But I doubt I'm going to buy the player.
Roast Pork
AlertSentry Duty
Sleeping Peacefully In A Pink Paradise

You know my original winged ant back during my ant craze a few weeks ago? Well I think she laid some eggs! For real this time. Not fugus. I counted six. Yay! Now I'll see them develop!

See that white bunch of stuff in the photo?
Ying Yang In The Morning
Hahaha! My mom found out about the mice. She took it surprisingly well...but then it was late at night and she just got back from LA so... AGAIN with the (nonexistant) invisible fleas! Blah blah blah. I moved them out of my room though and into the living room.

I'm thinking of calling them C.C. and Cream. The brown one is C.C. (Short for Coffee Cake) and the white one is Cream! Heehee. Karen seems to like calling them poo-bags though. Understandable since they keep pooing and pooing and pooing...
The Second Mouse
Guess who's got a new roommate?! (My mom is really going to have my head)

She's a bit skittish though but I think it is because she's young. She's so much smaller than the one I bought two days ago...The guy at the store said she may be only one month old while my original is 9 weeks.

I feed them rolled oats and hamster mix. I also put in a dog biscuit for them to chew on. Heheh.

She's so photogenic! Be sure to check out my photoblog for more pictures!

Names, names! I need names people!

Peeping Out
Ahahahha! I bought a MOUSE!

My mom's out of town so I TOOK ADVANTAGE. I'm such a bad person! Yeah, so I drove (yes DROVE BY MYSELF) to the Richmond Petcetera and bought a female mouse. I put her in my old aquarium. The one that was cracked. She's so CUTE! I love her. She's so tame too. Heehee! I'll have to teach her tricks and stuff.

There she is in the picture. Her fur's lighter than that though.

Now to name her...I'm so bad with names.
Yay! I finished Home Journey! I had some trouble with the colour because the stupid program would turn my pic all greenish for some reason, but now it's fine, I fixed it. Vicki suggested I put in Venus, the evening star! I'm not really satisfied with the clouds but eh. It'll do.

Ooo! I like the this new Blogger Image layout. Cool.
I think I think too much.

So I'm added to the waitlist for microbi. I'm seventh on the list. Sigh. I don't think I'll make it. Oh well. What I really want is to do cognitive systems. I love AI. I want to make one of my own.
Oy. School is so depressing. I don't think I'll be getting into Microbi...I'll have to turn to biology. Cell Biology and Genetics...Sigh. Great. Just great. I'm not going to be doing this stuff anyways. Why bother? Well I've been asking myself the same questions. Over and over and over and etc. But then! I don't have bio 204 which is the prerequisites of the courses I want to take! Otherwise I'll have to study plants! Oy. I need to see an advisor.
My cat is so cute. He likes to eat durian and mango!
Ahahahah! We were at our grandpa's place and vigorously combing Sunny like we always do (we have a HUGE ball of hair now), when I decided to vacuum him! Ahahha! So my dad brings up this very old vacuum that sort of looks like R2D2 and I plugged it in and turned it on. I tried vacuuming the floor but there was no vacuum! I felt it with my hand and it wasn't working! So I turned around to the vacuum and !!! It was SPEWING OUT CLOUDS OF DUST !!! I was like AAAHHH! and quickly turned it off. But the whole room was dustly by then. My grandpa who was sitting there watching us was like whay\! Fai dee zhoau! (in Chinese) After that we were all laughing so hard and Sunny ran away to escape us laughing lunatics. Hehehhehe!
Hohoho! I cut my hair today and it's SO DIFFERENT from my ordinary cut! It's so short and I guess Honger-ish. Ha! I like it though. I like it short!