This year we had a white Christmas. It started to snow at about 11 in the morning on the 25th. So we just spent a quiet day at home as we had our Christmas dinner on Sunday already.

I was already eagerly awaiting boxing day...I slept early at 11:20. I fell asleep BUT woke up an hour later! Then I couldn't get back to sleep! So I just spent the night tossing and turning all the while thinking of what I'd get today. Hahahah!

I got up at 4:30am as Karen and I planned to be at the Metrotown BestBuy before 5:30. Our dad wasn't going to go this year but our mom made him come with us anyways! He dropped us off at BestBuy then lined up at Futureshop.

It was SO CROWDED! There were about 300+ people in front of us already. But we got everything we wanted. Hahah my credit card is going to blow up! We bought so many DVDs!

After we went to Lansdowne mall to for lunch and to check out the other BestBuy. It was SO crowded. It was so hard to find parking. There was this aggressive lady driver who STOLE our parking spot! Someone was leaving and we were in right spot to get the it. There was a car in front of us and SHE was in front of that. She had the audacity to reverse and wave at us to backup! >>>=( Stupid lady! Once you're past you can't claim the spot! The nerve!

Well, eventually we found a spot. We just ate at the food court since all the restaurants had lineups. Then Karen and I went off to BestBuy while our dad went to look for phones at Rogers and Fido stores. There wasn't anything much I wanted to buy anymore. It was still very busy there compared to Burnaby.

Heehee another productive boxing day. Tomorrow? Round two!

Hahaha I think it is fitting that I got a dog for a daemon.

The test said:

"Your profile reveals that you are: Flexible, spontaneous, modest, dependable and passive. You are therefore matched with the Whippet Daemon."
I got dragged to an Avril Lavigne concert yesterday in the middle of a BLIZZARD! Ok maybe it wasn't quite a blizzard but it was snowing pretty hard. I had to stand in Swangard Stadium for about 2 and a half hours. She was an hour late showing up.

My cousin was too short and couldn't see anything so I made her a snow pile to stand on! Hahaha. Everyone else started to copy me after that. Heeheehee. It was about 1 and a half feet high. The highest out of everyone's. Everyone probably thought I was crazy rolling snowballs around.

But I guess the concert was okay. My sister had gotten VIP tickets so she HAD to go. And my cousin also wanted to go therefore I had to go in order to watch over her since we had regular tickets.

We got some freebies though. $5 off coupons for BestBuy and Telus bags! The Telus bags are the best. They were also giving out little BestBuy flags (this concert was put together by BestBuy) but why would anyone want those?! It's just garbage. They should give out lanyards or something that people will keep and use.

I was freezing after the concert. We hopped over to the Starbucks at the corner and had mochas and hot chocolate. That Starbucks had such good business. It was SO crowded. Everyone wanted to warm up after standing in the snow for several hours.

After coffee , we took the bus to Bestbuy. I wanted to buy another nunchuck because my sister bought Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games on Friday and each of us needed a nunchuck to play 2 player.

Afterwards my aunt and uncle and parents went to Uncle Willy's for dinner. I don't know but for some reason my dad really wanted to go there. I thought there was nothing to eat there. But then I don't like buffets anyways.

Sigh. Another study day wasted.