This was my first ferry ride to Sausalito. I took the Blue and Gold ferry which left from Pier 41 and costs 10.50USD each way. There is another ferry that leaves from near the main ferry building which costs a little less.

The Bay Bridge...The one I accidentally drove across the day before...a $5 mistake.

San Francisco skyline...covered in fog as usual.

The Golden Gate Bridge was also covered in fog. It was the 75th anniversary of this bridge last Sunday. Too bad I had left before that!

The quaint town of Sausalito.

My second day in San Francisco started off with walking around Pier 39 while I waited for the ferry going to Sausalito to depart. It was early and a Monday so there weren't as many people around. I walked along the sea wall taking photos.

 There are so many pigeons around.

I ended up stopping at the famous California Sea Lions at Pier 39. They are all lazing on the floating platforms being loud and stinky. So cute. hahah They are like big, fat sausages.

I ended my first day in San Francisco at Neptune's Palace at Pier 39. I wasn't feeling too hungry so I just decided to get an appetizer. Seafood is always good. =) Neptune's Palace is on the 2nd floor of the Pier 39 concourse and it has a nice view of the bay and Alcatraz. I did not sit by a window though.

Steamed Clams - $18
I ordered the steamed clams which came with some bread which was good for soaking up the delicious coconut lime broth they were in.

Chesapeake Bay oysters - 3 for $9
Decided to try some oysters too. Chesapeake Bay oysters on a bed of rock salt with three different types of sauce. I only like eating them with lemon. Pretty good but not as good as the ones I had at Hog Island Oyster Co. earlier in the day but I expected that.

Food was good. The clams definitely filled me up. It was a sizeable portion. Service was ok depending on the server. I asked what type of oysters they were to two and they didn't know and they didn't try to find out for me. I asked another and he was really knowledgable and friendly. I really shouldn't go to these tourist trap places to eat but what the hey I'm there anyways and it's convenient lol.

I was lucky that I was in San Francisco at when the solar eclipse happened. It was clear skies and sunny. I headed over to Marina Green where the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers held a viewing party. It didn't take me very long to locate the large group on the field.

Many were using pin hole apparatuses to watch the eclipse.

Some one lent me some kind of film to put over my camera lens so I got these photos. It was passed the "ring of fire" stage though.

It was a cool event to see! If you missed this eclipse you'll have to wait until 2014 to see the next one in Vancouver at least.