I probably won't be able to put this in my essay. It's too long. I'll put it here just in case.

An Akoucaurian myth tells of how Dran was created jointly by Kaiou and Grev. Kaiou laid eggs that became Dran, the sun, which shone brightly in Dran’s sky while Grev created the moons that needed Kaiou’s sun to shine. Kaiou fashioned the Akoucau by burning some of her breast feathers and fashioning the first Akoucau out of the ashes while Grev did the same but only managed to create misshapen creatures called Pecau. When Kaiou saw that the Akoucau had no food, she created the chi-mik bird from drops of her blood for the Akoucau to eat while Grev created plants that bore no nuts or fruit. When Grev saw that all of Kaiou’s creations were better than his, he was furious. He created storms, volcanoes, earthquakes and all that was bad in the world and told the Pecau to destroy the chi-mik bird’s eggs so that the Akoucau may starve to death. When Kaiou saw what her brother did, she created the Lolau and Pogoi plants by planting some of her tail feathers in the ground and told the Akoucau how to grow and harvest their nuts. She also told them to save the chi-mik bird eggs by taking them high up into the Huino tree, which she created, so that they may be safe. Grev became so angry and spiteful that he assumed the form of the Pecau and began to wreck havoc and chaos on the Akoucau. Kaiou protected the Akoucau by exiling Grev into the heavens. Grev gained his revenge by swallowing the sun. When Kaiou created another Grev fought her and is still fighting in the heavens today. The Akoucau believe when the night comes it is because Grev has swallowed the sun and but the sun rises again because Kaiou lays another. As it was then, so shall it be now.
I should be doing my Anthro essay. This sucks. My culture doesn't make sense. I didn't realize that creating a culture that makes sense would be so hard. And it's due tomorrow too. Sigh. Ow. I think I strained my neck reaching for toilet paper. 0.0;

Anyways I went out for lunch today with my Bible study group. It was this place on Broadway where we get to choose what to eat and they cook it for us. It was pretty good. I had fun.

Oy. Better get back to the essay.

Every day is some day. Posted by Hello
My mom's sad/angry, my grandpa's sad, my dad's angry, everybody else is angry. I have such a screwed up family. Such problems. Stupid. I feel very angry at my dad. I don't know why he doesn't let my grandpa live with us.
Tension's high right now.
I feel like a bobblehead on the bus.

But now is not the time for this. Everyone's angry. So scary. So much yelling. I should go hide in my room if I what's best for me. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
Here I am wasting time again. Ah pooey. I guess I should be studying chem. I'll be complaining AGAIN by the time it's finals. Sigh. It never ends.

So I had this dream last night or rather this morning or rather this afternoon because I woke up at 1:30. Teehee. Anyways. It must be the Star Trek episode I watched combined with Andromeda. Trance was there and she was helping one of those "normal" augments. I don't exactly know what happened. Heheh. But then there was this turtle and I was making a home for it out of alfalfa spouts and other vegetables. Then I discovered that I can "cheat" on Neopets. In front of my house there were these items that were on the sidewalk. Well not on the sidewalk they were each in a little pit that fit them perfectly. There were neggs and books and other things and I discovered that I could take them out and each time I jumped the items would refresh and refill the pits. My sister and I got a lot of neggs and stuff and there were blueberries too! Haahaa! And talking flowers. Yeah so we had all these items and we took them in the house and took more items and they were piling in the house. Then I was like how are we going to get them in the computer??? Scan them? Haha. What a stupid dream.

I printed out some of my artwork at superstore yesterday and I like the result. The colours were really rich and beautiful. Huh. My dad said oh why can't you print it out at home? I scoff. What with our printers?! I don't think so!