I just finished another lab today. I think I may have put too much stuff in one of the tubes. Ah well.

I cleaned G/L's tank finally. Heehee they were living in garbage. Literally. I dumped my starbucks frap cup in so they'd eat the whip cream and Karen dumped her pocky boxes in, which they chewed up.

I've been wasting too much time again. I've been playing a trial version of Fish Tycoon and it's so addicting! Now Karen's playing it too! And my trial version's over :(

The pic is a concept sketch of how Chasm and Aurora would look older. I wanted them to look a little bit deer-like than normal sheep.
Happy Chinese New Year!
Started drawing salukis again for some reason. They are such beautiful dogs. I think of them as furrier versions of greyhounds.

Sigh. I sketch a lot these days. I have a ton of pictures to start and finish but I never want to work on the computer. Bleh. Phooey.

I like salukis.

I'm so sad! I just failed my first two quizzes of the term! Not a very good start ;_;
Lone Wolf
You'd turn into a lone wolf! Like a lone wolf you
can coup perfectly well by yourself and do not
feel the need for others company. However like
a wolf you were once part of a pack and you can
tolerate and get along okay with people when
met with them. You are protective and loyal to
the close friends you have but, will always be
a true loner at heart

What animal would you turn into?
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Georgy being cute!
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You're right Winnie, I should post more...since a TONNE of things has happened and I didn't document them! Let's see, where to start?

Last Thursday...
My parents went to Hong Kong! It's party time! Well, not really because they are back today. It's confusing since I'm writing this way overdue. The days before last Thursday we were all scrambling to make a personal music CD for my great-aunt. It was her birthday on Monday that's why my parents were going to HK. I spent too long colourizing a black-and-white photo of her and making the cd cover. So then I drove my parents to the airport!

The day after I went to Superstore to buy a LOT of junk food. Ho ho ho! It's still not finished. Eh. It's supposed to be study food anyways so I can always use it.

Lots of days just eating tomato soup. Heheh. I don't mind. But everyday we had leftovers for dinner. That wasn't really fun. Ma cooks to much stuff! So we have to finish them before we cook anymore. The only thing we actually cooked was broccoli. And we had that everyday too. Bleh. Sick of it. We went out to eat one day and so we had other leftovers to eat after that. Le sigh. I wanted to some fish. I was going to buy one yesterday but I felt queasy and didn't want to drive.

Karen was complaining we lived in a pig sty. Haahaha! The roles are reversed this time! I left a lot of dishes lying around then she got out a wooden spoon and pretended to hit me with it. But she accidentally hit my knuckle and it bloody hurt! After that I had a big bruise on it and it felt so good...I joked that she should hit the rest of my knuckles and she said then my whole hand would be swollen and I wouldn't be able to move it. Hahahah.

Yeah so Ma and Ba came back today. I had to pick them up at the airport but I had to wait SO LONG. I circled many times and finally just parked at a gas station just outside the airport. I probably waited for and hour and a half for them!

But worth the wait because they bought home lot of FOOD! HAHAHAH! My dad also bought me a semi-professional digital camera! EEEE! It's a Panasonic Lumix FZ30! I'm so excited!
Oo oo oo! School starts again tomorrow! Why?! My holiday was JUST started!

I cleaned my room today. Took the whoooole day because it was sooo messy! I had to dump a lot of things. Mostly for recycle. Now my room is so empty! Hurray!


4. Be less messy