I am so pooped. I'm trying to write my rationale statement to apply to co-op. I suck at writing. Anyways I did this today. I like it. He's very twitchy. Too many espressos.
I think I passed the midterm.

Anyways I'm trying to to apply for microbi co-op but I seriously doubt I'll get in. I'm having serious doubts about working in a lab setting too. All these bad luck in the lab can't be all coincidences. They're SIGNS I tell you. Signs telling me to STOPDON'TWORKINALAB!!!!!!!! But I kind of dug myself a hole and I'm kind of stuck.
Well in 15 minutes I'm going to take my econ midterm. Wish me luck! I'll need lots of it. Heh.
We watched Cursed today. It was a free ticket so we had to go. I should have spent the time studying econ. What a lousy movie. I don't like how they portrayed the werewolves. The snout was too short in my opinion. It looked more like a bear wolf cross. Stupid. It wasn't scary at all. And I don't like that girl. I never did like her. She was in Casper and I didn't like her then and I don't like her now.

In other news, all my fish died. The copper one is MIA. Seriously. I don't know where she went! It's just an empty tank now. There's no body, no trace of her anywhere! It's so strange. But finally! An empty tank. I'll start over. Decontaminate it and get guppies instead. Then I'll start and insane genetic experiment by selective breeding! Muahaahahahahah!

Man I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow.
Huh! I'm so sleepy but Mei won't let me go. She wants me to help her on her math lab but I don't know any math anymore. And plus I slept at 3 yesterday. I'm dead. My brain is empty. So sleepy.
It's always the same. It's like I'm cursed. Cursed to use faulty equipment in the chem lab that makes me take so long to do the lab that I'm the last one to leave. Stupid.
We went out to eat today. My aunt and uncle came over from Los Angeles that's why. I'm trying to do my chem lab but I can't figure things out. I had the chem midterm today. It was a pretty easy test. Which is why I screwed up on it. >.< Grrr. I hate that. I KNEW it was wrong. But I couldn't figure out what. Turns out that it was suppose to be negative and positive. Argh. Stupid chem.
When I'm supposed to be studying what do I do instead? This! I shouldn't complain so much about how hard the tests are and how I didn't know anything. It's my freakin fault anyways.

So this is Java. He's part of a gang of street dogs named after types of coffee. Yep. I wanted to draw the dog in the Purina 30-day challenge commercial but I couldn't get it right. Java is the closest I got. I think he needs to be a little shaggier. ^ ^ I'm happy tonight. I'll be very stressed tomorrow!

Java Beans!
I wasted the whole entire reading break away. I should have been studying chemistry. I have a midterm on Monday. And I haven't started studying. I was going to study today. But I ended up not. I feel I don't know. Indifferent. Somehow I just don't want to do anything anymore.
I'm so thrilled with this. It's Tina's very belated birthday present. I think it's the best picture I've every done. She likes cute things so I drew the charaters as younglings. This would make such a good children's picture book. I might do more like this. ^ ^
I finally finished it! I'm so happy! It turned out better than I expected. Just goes to show that the more time you put into something the better it turns out. ^ ^ So happy. Here's "Just grey" in widescreen 16:9 format. Doesn't it look like a screenshot in a movie?

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I screwed up big time. I should have studied more for bio. There were so many things that I didn't know on the midterm. So dead. I hate bio.
I should have been studying microbi instead I drew this. What a waste of time. But lemurs! I love them.

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I think I did ok on the chem test. It was five questions long. Two were short answer questions. I forgot the exact wordings I went over before the test so I made up some sentences. I think I used some terms all wrong. Eheheheh.
Deviantart's down. I have nothing to do. I SHOULD be studying. I have a chem 211 midterm tomorrow. Gonna fail...I haaaaate chem.