New years resolutions

Hello hello! I'm not dead...yet...not that anyone cares...anyhoo...Happy New Year! Blah blah blah. School is starting on Monday. Aaaand I haven't bought my books yet. Sheesh, talk about procrastinating! My new year's resolutions?

1. Do my homework ahead of time; that includes keeping up to date in all my courses.
2. Visit grandpa more often.
3. Bathe Sunny more often. (very much needed, he stinks!)
4. Exercise very day to lead a healthy active lifesyle. (Always on my list)
5. Quit Neopets and any other online games (currently it's Runescape, wanna play with me?)
6. Volunteer at a hospital.
7. Get at job.
8. Read more.
9. Improve on my artwork.
10. Don't play so long on the computer. (Oops! Already broke that one)

Oh I forgot:11. Sleep earlier.

My parents went to Hong Kong and lately I've been sleeping at 3 a.m.! Crazy! I can barely keep awake during the day!

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