Go Canucks!

Heeheehee. I volunteered for 50/50 again. Winnie and I got demoted! We were at the Seimen's Club before but today we were put up on the balcony floor...where the cheap people are. Sigh. I have never done so much yelling in my life. My throat is sore. But I did have fun. Didn't make as much money though. But I got to watch the third period! Eee! It was so exciting! The guard that was standing there was so nice. He let us watch standing in the doorway. We inched closer and closer and still he didn't say anything. He knew we were volunteers though. Arg! Volunteer's get 50% off on food! But we have to have our uniforms still on and I didn't have enough money to buy anything. Sigh. But anyways! It was such an incredible game! Canucks won 6-1 against Colorodo Avalanche! And we got to sit at the very end of the game. These people left early and gave us their seats. And we saw Canucks score so many times! Eeee! Watching them on TV is nothing compared to watching them live! I want to volunteer again so I can watch the game again! Heehee! So happy.

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