Red duck

I had a dream. It was nice and sort of warm feely movie-type dream. But it wasn't in the beginning. I don't really know what happened in the beginning. I forgot. Where I start to remember is when this girl - played by Keira Knightley - lived with a bunch of her family and relatives that were very...uh...traditional or as I like to say very Chinese-like. Like nosy and traditional and strict and traditional and ruled the girl with an iron-fist or tongue and lots of rules. LOTS of rules. They even gave her a piece of paper that stated all the rules and what they were going to say if she broke them. 0.0' Well, the girl was simple and happy even with her overstrict life and eventually found a boy. (Aww. How sweet.) Anyways they were just about to share their first kiss when her entire family burst in through the door and were aghast at what she was doing with the boy and started yelling at her and so on and so forth. So they send her away to fix her up. I don't know what happened but then she was at the countryside at a homely farm where she worked happily away from her overbearing family. There was another girl there too, a maid apparently and she worked at the farm too but I didn't see her. So my dream ended with the maid calling to the girl and she responded and left the loft and the camera moved up outside and there where there was a family of ducks. The parents just had their ducklings. The ducks were all brownish but one special little duckling had a little red in his down and he was called Red duck by the girl. Fade out.

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