My dad's crazy. He planted a tree in front of our house. Right in the middle of nowhere. And it's a very tall stick thin tree too. Sort of like a lightning pole. It's so ugly and embarrassing! >:(

Anyhoo. I wasted another day today. I went to the aquarium in the morning with Karen. They are nothing there now! The lionfish are gone and the frogs are blocked off because of the renovations. But I took some pics while I was there. With the Flower of Delirium! It is another project I'm starting something like Monkey Monkey I guess. People think we're crazy now. Taking pictures with a flower.

We also went to the post office and we bought a lot of day of issue envelopes. They are so pretty but so expensive! Haha but Karen said consider it an investment.

Later on we ate lunch at the Cactus Club. I had some pasta and Karen had a Teriyaki chicken rice bowl. I'm so full. It was a 3:00 lunch! Oy. And we had Calamari too. Mmm it was so good.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh Flower of Delirium... you make me so happy. I LOVE YOU!"

Your delirious blog won't let me post a comment ... so this is where i'm leaving my comment for your flower.