Goodbye Bauer Rink!

My feet hurt, my shoes are leaky and I have a bunch of homework to be done. But that doesn't stop me from skating!

It was the last day of skating at Thunderbird. They are going to demolish it soon to make the new centre for the 2010 Olympic games. It's sad since I've only started stating there like 3 weeks ago. I went with Winnie today. We were singing songs and admiring the people who could do jumps and turns. Then after we wrote on the wall where some other people wrote goodbye messages. Making their mark before the building is torn down I guess. Heehee a little boy thought we were vandalizing the wall. Little does he know that it doesn't matter anymore. Bauer Rink will be gone soon.

Now where will I go now? Hmm maybe I should start swimming.

After I wanted to go to Petcetera. Just to browse around, I guess. I wasn't planning to buy anything. I cohersed Winnie to come along with me. Heehee. I checked out the fish I wanted. But the Rupert Petcetera didn't have any plants for sale. Well, a few but those were like the left overs!

They had a tank of mice though! Aww! They were so cute! Such small little darlings with big ears. I wanted a brown and white one. Ah but I have George and Lenny already. And Ma forbids I bring any more home.

I'll stick with fish. At least she can't complain about invisible non-existant fleas. ;P

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