I went skating on Monday at Thunderbird. I never realized the centre is so big! So many hockey rinks. That's where the hockey stuff is going to be played during the Olympics in 2010 I think. But yeah! It's very big! Not a lot of people were there skating either so it was very nice. A lot of leg room. There were I think 2 figure skating capable people there too! They were doing all sorts of pretty spins. So cool. Karen's friend said that there is a guy that comes in some of the time who does jumps!

I got my math 221 midterm back today and I got such a low mark! I didn't fail that's good news and I did better than on the first midterm but argh! I studied so hard for it and all I have to show for it is this low low mark. >:(

I'm so sleepy and hungry right now.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha maaaaaybe its emanuel sandhu!!!! but, i'm sure you'll recognize him if it was him.