Have I said how much I hate lab reports?! Well I do. A lot. Thank goodness it's the last one for the year. But I'll have to finish it first...if I ever do. I'll have to since it's due Friday. AEIAACH! I have THIS due and the cpsc lab assignment due AND 3 back to back finals to study for! EEEEE! Multivariable Calculus, Microbi lab techniques and biochemistry! How am I going to manage??? The 11th is mightly close. I've gotta cram like I've never cramed before.

In other news, I've been selected to be the Golden Key webmaster for 2006/07! Yay! Winnie and Vicki helped me with my interview. (THANK YOU!) I was the only candidate though. Hahah. It would have been sad if I didn't get it. I have so many plans to vamp up and completely redo their site. It's hideous right now. --->http://www.ubcgoldenkey.org/ You'd think you'd expect better for university as prestigous as UBC. I wonder who designed it?

I'll take a before-and-after screenshot after I finish the new site design. ^__^ I hope I live up to their expectations. I kind of gave them the impression that I am the best web designer in the world.... But I'm not... -_-; I've only made ONE crappy site about cats in highschool that's not uploaded on the web and an unfinished personal/art site that floating around on geocities since I don't like the design anymore.

Well it's very late right now. And I've got to finish my assignments tomorrow. See ya.

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