A funny story

Ooo it has been a while since I posted. I wrote a lot in my written journal. But it was mostly about dreams I've had. They are always so crazy.

These days I don't have a lot of time to remember dreams and record them. I am so busy this week! I started scubadiving lessons on Tuesday and have my second lesson is tonight. BUT I have a final tomorrow and another one on Saturday! Crazy! I haven't even started studying for Stats tomorrow. But we get a cheat sheet so hopefully by the time I finish making it I'll know enough to pass the final with a decent mark. And I have until 6pm tomorrow to cram in everything.

Heheh today was the last day of CPSC313 and I didn't really pay attention at all. I kindof drifted off and then started playing a story game with a group of friends. Hehehe. I got to keep the story 'cause Andrew was going to throw it away. Here is the story: (the colours respresent the different people who contributed to the story. The yellow colour is mine.)

Today was the worst day of his life. John had never done this before. In a freak computer science experiment, John was shrunk to the size of a hair follicle. Next he was transported into the armpits of his professor's armpits. John had never been in a smellier place in his life. It reaked of rotten eggs.

Then he really found some rotten eggs and started eating them until the smell went away. He was kind of stupid because then his socks started to smell so he ate his socks. Then a beautiful woman came in and John thought, "Wow. You smell nice."

She said, "Thanks jerk."

That was the last time he ever complimented a girl. He thought,"Right now all I wanna do is pee Oh god I wanna pee, so much!"

He felt hungry so he looked around for some food. He found a watermelon growing on his head so he plucked if off and ate it. But it was kind of moldy because he sweat so much all the bacteria from his head made the watermelon go bad. But since he was hungry, he ate it anyways.

What happened next was totally unexpected. His face in total agony as his stomach bubbled and his sides shook. Falling to his knees, his eyes turned blood red. He fell flat on the floor dead. And out of his ruptured stomach came the thing.

It was a baby chicken! All those rotten eggs turned into a chicken. So this chicken grew up and turned into a real boy. He was soo happy. He got up onto his two feet and gave the boy a candy.

The boy was so happy to find out that his dad actually cares for him. He started to like his dad and as the time passed
he started daydreaming. He imagined that his dad was hopping about dancing! He burst out laughing so that his dad thought that he was crazy and ran away from him. He laughed so hard that all the overripe fruit growing on his head fell off. Nothing else to do but eat them. So he did.

And that was the end of that story.

Andrew closed the book to the greatest novel ever written. It was
definitely bestseller material.

With a satisfied sigh, he stood up and thought about the wonderful
use of time in his boring computer science course.

Heeheehee! It might not make a lot of sense because we weren't allowed to see what the other people wrote except for the last sentence.

Well that's all. I have to start studying for Stats now. In an hour I start my diving lesson. EEE!

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