White minnow fry update

Now the white minnow fry are actually big enough to take semi-decent photos of. They move around quite a bit so I have to take photos at night when they are drowsy. xD

Not all of them survived. There were three that were deformed; their tails were on crooked so they couldn't swim properly. I named them Quasi, Modo, and Esmeralda. Sadly all of them perished, the last being Esmeralda. Oh well 'tis life.

So now there are only about 9-10 left. Still a lot. There also might be 4 others in the parent's tank. Sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't. I think I'm just going to leave them in there.

I have high hopes of the other 9 surviving. I bought actual fry food from the pet store...though the flake food I crushed myself seems to be finer than the power fry food. Still it is fresher and probably a more balanced diet for my babies so I'm not complaining about the price. It also smells really good. lol.

Also Axel moulted! At first I thought he had disinigrated but I looked closer and it was just is empty exoskeleton.

Axel is doing well. He is not starving as I had previously thought. Quite the opposite! He has plenty to eat and plenty to choose from! I have an unwanted algae bloom in the tank. Fuzz algae was introduced with the plants I bought. Then brown algae and green appeared and green dot algae! Oy. I think my lamp is too bright! And not in the right spectrum. It is too yellow. And I may be guilty of overfeeding...Time to do some water changes.

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