Good day in the stock market

Made my first profit selling stocks today. I made $651.66 since August 2007! Not really a lot when I think about it...

Hahaha I sold YLO.UN for profit of $20. Heheh. I was going to keep it because their dividend yield is 13%! But I was afraid it might still go down. And I also sold all my BMO stock only to find out it went up a little bit higher later in the day. =( Still I made a nice little profit so I can't complain. I just don't know if it going to go higher (4th consecutive day) or go down. It kind of plateaued midday but closed at 45.96.

The monthly income fund is killing me. I'm losing $384.24 as of today. I don't like mutual funds. The BMO monthly income fund was the first I bought when I got into investing. I was up 100+ before the market plummeted. =(

If only I don't have to pay commission fees. Just to buy and sell a stock costs $50 for me! Zecco is a company that offers 10 free trades per month, but I've read bad reviews about Zecco. But maybe I should give it a try?

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