The Happiest Place on Earth

Well from my previous post you probably know that I went to Disneyland. It was a nice break from co-op. I went with my dad and Karen. We left on April 30th and came back yesterday. We spent first day in traffic and the last day at the airport. >_< We spent the middle three days at Disneyland! Yay!

We rode Indiana Jones like four times! Hahahah! This year we lined up for pictures with the characters. I spent 1 and a half hours lining up for 3 princesses! Karen went off on her own and got a pic with Goofy WITHOUT ME! When we finally got to the front of the line Cinderella LEFT! NUUUU!!! She's the one with the prettiest dress! *sniff* We only got Jasmine, Mulan and Belle. And Mulan isn't even a princess! Humph. We also got a pic of Ariel!!! She's my favourite! And I told her so. Heehee. She said "Thank you!"

Pictures later.

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