Mission Accomplished: Wii

Woohoo! I bought the Wii! I went to Superstore today to get my Grandpa some of those European weiners he likes so much, so I stopped by the Electronics department. I saw they had a Wii box out and I asked if they still have one. And the girl said yes they still have one and did I want one! Of course I said yes! Haahaha! She reached inside a big cardboard box and lo and behold! I had try so hard to hide my glee! Heeheehee!

I was surprised they still had it since it Superstore started advertising it last Saturday. Karen went to check if they had it at Metro (I got it at Marine Drive) but they didn't and when she asked the people to check the other stores if they still had some in stock they refused! They said that it was probably sold out anyways and so they didn't bother to check. >:(

I was a little suspicious though so I asked I asked if it was a return. She said no. They just got it this morning!

I'll be playing it tonight!

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