Aquarium upgrade

Ha! I got a 40 gallon aquarium today! My friend and my dad helped me bring it home. It is used so my dad is going to fix it up a bit before I can use it. It comes with a wooden stand. It is black so I think my dad is going to help me repaint it.

I'm planning to keep a pair of german rams, some neon tetras and ottos in there. It's going to be a planted tank too. I'm going to have to move my 10 gallon downstairs...If I can clean up down there.

I recently found out about a local fishkeeping site! There are so many people interested in fishkeeping! I didn't realize it was so popular! There's a store called Pets Beautiful near Dunbar Loop that sells fish and fish products and the owner is apparently very nice. I'll have to visit someday!

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