Happy New Year 2009!

Wow, 2008 was a blast wasn't it. It's been ages since we had snow in DECEMBER! It has to be global warming! We had to postpone our Christmas dinner, ate someone else's party turkey (also due snow related issues) on our makeup dinner on the 31st, and we might be able to get out tomorrow for our real makeup dinner because it is STILL snowing!

Anyways, my new year's resolutions:
  1. Spend less money on coffee and food....and DVDs. Hahaha.

    Starbucks coffee is too expensive but 8 o'clock classes kill me. I might have those early classes for the entire next term though! O_o;

    Ah food. Most of my expenses go to food and coffee. Snacks that I should eat anyways. So I'll hoping to cut back on some of those expenses.

    DVDs I don't usually buy but this boxing day I bought a lot of $5 DVDs that I wouldn't have normally bought at Walmart. I could have saved those extra $5s and gotten me a Starbucks coffee! ;P

  2. Graduate from UBC! I'm hoping to do this by May! I already have enough requirements for my CPSC degree! (Yay!) All that is left is 3 courses of MICB and I'm done! Then it is off to the work force with me!

  3. Save $10,000 and increase my investment portfolio. So the stock market crashed and I lost an undisclosed amount of money. I'm pretty sure it will bounce back in time. I am starting the new year with setting up DRIPs for some of my stocks and going to try to contribute to them monthly through their SSP (Yay! No more high commissions for me!)

  4. Exercise. Heheh always on the list. I'll try to do some Wii boxing at least once every two days. ;P

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